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13th Oct 2008, 02:08
So I tried to find out more about this game called Deus Ex but soon realized it was nothing more then a porn linking website.


Mr. Perfect
13th Oct 2008, 02:24
Uhm... Pretty sure you shouldn't post it here then.

13th Oct 2008, 03:02
There are companies out there that buy up domain names similar to some existing, high traffic domains, and then simply link them to a search results page based on the domain name. It generates them advertising revenue.

Of course, the search engine has to guess where to put spaces, and, welll... It doesn't do very well with Deus Ex.

13th Oct 2008, 04:07
I will not click on the link just in case it really is a porn website. But going with the assumption that it is one, based on what you have said, I am closing this thread because it is simply pointless.

No need to point people in the direction of porn.