View Full Version : Dealing with present day political issues

Jets Connor
12th Oct 2008, 08:04
I'm interested in seeing how present day socio-political issues will be represented in Deus Ex III. Being around halfway between now and the original game, it is likely the game will be a bridge between now and then. As issues such as surveillance become ever more relevant (You may have heard The UK Government's £12b plan to store records on all Internet activity, emails, SMS and telephone usage in Britain), the western world is undergoing great changes in regards to gay rights (In Deus Ex, the chief scientist Dr Lundquist at Versalife is a lesbian expecting a child with her partner) and fears of terrorism grow ever greater, The background of Deus Ex appears more realistic. As as a midpoint between now and then, what sort of social changes do you envisage taking place during DX3?

13th Oct 2008, 12:03
Deus Ex 3 looks like it's taking place during another renaissance spurred by the wonders of mechanical augmentation, launching a new fervor into man's supremacy in the universe technologically and culturally. If history has taught us anything, it is that periods such these "renaissance" periods are cyclic; the pax romana, the actual renaissance, enlightenment, the baby boom in the US, all were framed by war and strife. If Deus Ex 1 shows us the bad, an engineered plague, government corruption, pollution and overpopulation, then Deus Ex 3 will show us the good, at least, until these problems become too large to ignore. The rich upper section of Singapore supported by the underclasses is a perfect metaphor for the current political and socioeconomic situation that we are in even right now - all it looks like Deus Ex has done is taken this divide between the rich and poor to its logical extreme, as has happened to be the case elsewhere in history: France in the last strides of the 18th century, Europe during the medieval ages, the U.S. during most of the 19th (and some would argue now as well).

Some crazy number like 80% of all scientists in our entire history are living today - look at the news week to week and witness our exponentially increasing rate of technological advancement. It no longer is an issue if something is possible, only when. Whether or not all of these wonderful new technologies will ultimately benefit us or make it harder for us to escape the past (like the internal combustion engine and our dependence on oil world over) only time will tell.

I suppose what Deus Ex's message is, is that we will know sooner rather than later whether or not our current technological endeavors are ultimately good for the future of mankind...or not. You Decide!