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11th Oct 2008, 15:01
I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but if Kain was the last vampire he had to be the one that raised Vorador which means he would of had to use a portion of his soul like his other son's in Soul Reaver. Wouldn't Raziel of needed to assorb that peace as well to have all the fragments to heal Kain?

Also how did the Elder God bring Moebious back to life in Defiance?, kain had the Soul Reaver at the time he killed him.

11th Oct 2008, 17:17
1)As far I understand, Kain didn't raised Vorador in the same way as his sons. Kain didn't knew yet how to create Vampires that's why nedded Vorador.
2) Kain didn't kill Moebius with the Soul Reaver. As it was shown in FMV, Kain beheaded him with the Iron Sword.

11th Oct 2008, 17:53
The ressurection of Vorador was probably of the fact that Raziel didn't go into the Reaver in SR2, so he is probably ressurected in those events. It could maybe be that Janos ressurected him while Raziel was getting the spirit reaver. Janos teleported there.... who knows what he did??

11th Oct 2008, 22:43
That's what I think. That Janos is the one who brought Vorador back, and that Vorador was unconscious for a while after that, which is why he didn't know that Janos was alive.
And it was the iron sword that Kain used to chop Moebius's head off.

12th Oct 2008, 05:52
Yes because all the FMV's where prerecorded the same, at the time however he did have the reaver.

12th Oct 2008, 08:00
But he didn't use it, which is the point. If you want to really get this technical, Kain needed to use magic energy to wield the Reaver, and it cost him most of it with one swing (or all at once, depending on how much lore you've found:p). it cost him it all in two swings and didn't regenerate until you put it away. After a battle with Moebius' magical illusions, the mob of people, and Moebius, himself, Kain wouldn't have much magic left, if at all (and sure, you can say he could cast "Energy Bank" which I do in that and other fights often:p). The point is that Kain, for whatever reason, only used the iron sword and lopped off Moebius' head. Therefore, ergo, and hence forth, there's no reaved Moebius' soul to mess up the timeline.

And I often have used the Reaver to defeat The Unspoken at the end of the game also, yet the Hylden Lord, we see, is still very much alive and kicking beyond this battle in Defiance and BO2.

Matter of fact, this just came to me. If you want a reason for Kain not to have used the Reaver, other than your own eyes in the FMV, then try this on: Kain just got duped by Moebius to use the Soul Reaver on William the Just, who also had the same weapon and look what that brought about! You think Kain might be, just might be, a little apprehensive about using the Soul Reaver again after what was wrought by him using it on William? Until Kain figured out just what the hell happened, he'd probably keep that weapon sheathed. And to kill a regular human, even one who has guardian powers, but is now brought to his knees, Kain only needs regular steel, sharpened to a fine edge -- the Iron Sword.

12th Oct 2008, 08:05
I like to use the sheild spell and the Axes when I fight the Unspoken at the end :D . For Moebius... I think I used the Flame Sword. I actually don't like using the Soul Reaver much because I'd rather be able to also cast magic.

12th Oct 2008, 15:16
funny that I always give Moebius the final blow with the Soul Reaver...... :D