View Full Version : Lara's help

10th Oct 2008, 03:45
Has Lara's presence in someway helped you in your life.
Well Lara my dearest is going to help me lose some weight.
When I walk I think of her walking in front of me being a
good friend and coaching me and encouraging me. I can
hear her sweet voice saying in my mind
"come on you can do it".She may not be real but she
definately is always watching over us all in her own sweet

10th Oct 2008, 03:58
She got me into history, mythology, and finding my beliefs.
She also got me to appreciate my natural eye and hair colour, as well.

Her games were there when I needed to escape from the consistent drama that dwelled in the house, when I was younger. I had anger issues, and never really took them well, so I had to escape by playing one of the games by exploding her, and others. My other escape is my artwork, as well. An inspiration to my artwork, of course.

10th Oct 2008, 06:55
It's interesting how in tombraider the game we follow her from behind. I
promise to always follow her not just in game but also in life.Lara is not
pushy she is lovely and conviencing. Elegant and charming.
Lovely angelic = Lara Croft:D