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10th Oct 2008, 01:21
I'll be blunt, I view the new 3rd person view "cover system" and the lost hiding shadows gameplay functionality as a very bad idea. I guess I understand the motivation for the change, the same way I understand the motivation for auto-healing, but my very short experience with Rainbow Six : Vegas tells me I simply can't tolerate those feature. It makes game unchallenging and pointless from a thinking point of view. I know, in theory, I won't be forced to use the third person view, but in practice, the level design will be created based on the assumption that the player will be able to see everywhere while being hidden by a wall or an object using the 3rd person view. With Deus Ex 1 we had to hide in shadows from afar to gather information and rely on what we hear (as we couldn't see anything when covered) when we were near to guess what was happening (for example, footsteps noises indicating a guard is turning around, which would be the signal to get out of our hidden position). Levels were made to respect that and I think it added a lot of depth to the game. Having to rely on memory and sounds, instead of just looking made Deus Ex a lot more than just another FPS.

With Deus Ex 3, if the only way to hide is with line of sight, then it will mean we won't be able to gather information as our own line of sight will also be blocked. We won't be able to plan our actions according to patrol routes unless we use the third person view. What it means is the third person view won't be optional at all, it will be a necessity.

Having said that, I think there is a simple solution to regain this core gameplay of Deus Ex. Of course I still wish hiding shadows would be reimplemented, but it would probably means a lot of work from a level design perspective, which might not work with the artistic direction. The simple solution I'm proposing is : why not use a resources based (understand with limited use) device to allow us to look around without having to use the overpowered 3rd person view? It could be, for example, a remote camera with the same gameplay as the Scouting Orb from Thief 2, or an augmentation based power. That way, we could have the same gameplay functionality of hiding shadows (being able to see without being seen), without having to use the overpowered 3rd person cover system.

I know those devices would be useless for people who will be using the 3rd person view, but if the 3rd person view is really optional, than this kind of tools are essential to replace the missing hiding shadows.

Any comments?

BTW, this is a bit out of topic but as it is related to the stealth system, I have to say it... Invisible War, with it's lighting system and NPC projecting shadows, had the great possibility of using those projecting shadows as a way to gather information. Unfortunately, as there was very few light sources and no portable ones (meaning we could attach a light source to a wall in order to see the shadow of the passing guard), that promise was never fulfilled. So, added to a possible remote camera, why not a portable light that could be attached to walls?

10th Oct 2008, 01:25
Why do you have to create your own thread while there are already at least two in which you can discuss that? :confused:


10th Oct 2008, 01:25
We already have a thread regarding stealth, please post your ideas there.