View Full Version : Random-ish crashes

9th Oct 2008, 02:20
I have played Blood Money on my computer since it's release in 2006. Just recently it began to crash at seemingly random times. As far as I can tell it's only on the opera level when the man begins to sing (I know this is a common problem but I never have had it before) and in the Mardi Gras level when I kill the man who is carrying the diamonds briefcase (which I believe is a new one). The game just crashes and I get the standard "an error has occurred window".

Before you ask, all of my drivers are up to date and my specs are as follows:

Windows 64bit
Two Radeon 1600Xpress Graphics
2.0 Ghz dual core AMD processor

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: It is actually when I am in Mark Periah's office on the Mardi Gras level and I do something in the office like place a bomb or strangle someone or disarm or ect...