View Full Version : Installation Problem

8th Oct 2008, 20:05
When I download custom levels and extract them. 95% of the levels I download don't work. Sometimes I will open them up and it will immediatley say .tr4 has stopped working, or the purple loading bar will come up toabout 5% and then show the .tr4 thing. Is this supposed to happen or what. Help will be much appreciated.

8th Oct 2008, 20:54
Hi, not every custom game is playable directly from the unzipped downloaded folder. Every game should come with a readme that will include installation instructions. If a game is playable directly from the downloaded folder, it will say so in the readme.

If you have to manually set it up, you could try this easy to follow tutorial on setting up the level editor to play custom levels.



31st Oct 2008, 15:19
Happened to me, I don't know why:rolleyes: .(Here we go again!).:rasp: :lol: OK it's not that funny really:p:.