View Full Version : ShellShock Nam 67 = BEST Realistic War Game EVER!!!

8th Oct 2008, 13:47
Wow! First off let me tell you that IMHO SSN67 is the BEST GAME EVER made about Wars from the past!!! :cool:

I'm a huge fan of other War game Sagas like MOH,COD,C:Vietnam,Vietcong,SOCOM,KILLZONE ;) but
So far NONE of those Sagas have been showing what War is really all about.. until ShellShock Nam 67 finally did it. :eek:

The shocking Gore realism in the different missions is just RAW! One can almost feel like being there! Nothing can beat the rush of Blowing VC's Up Or Hosing Em Down!!! :cool:

I am anxiously awaiting for ShellShock 2 :)

ShellShock RULES!!!

vinny d123
11th Aug 2009, 15:02
I AM FROM THE FUTURE! Shellshock 2 sucks....

20th Apr 2010, 16:25
I am also from the future and I second the motion...

ShellShock 2 SUX!

1. It is very sluggish even on a high end processor, 3G RAM, and a 8600GT nVidia card.
2. The mouse is unresponsive even on the highest sensitivity settings.
3. The sound is choppy from time to time
4. When running/sprinting, the screen bounces at an unnerving rate.
5. And Worst of all... hope you like the game "Simon Says" because you have to press buttons in sequence for specific situation just to survive and escape -- you know, Simon Says... follow the Colors and sounds to win :mad2:

I have the PC version and it is worse than the console versions (which are bad too).

I can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Resident Evil 5, and many other NEW games made between 2008 and now... so why is this one so bad on a computer?

All in all... EIDOS really should have stuck with the same format and porting as ShellShock Nam '67 because, even though it was sort of generic, '67 was better than this piece of crap.

9th Nov 2010, 02:52
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