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19th Jan 2014, 01:10
Here's another question I never quite found an answer to.

So Ariel died and Kain was born the new Scion of Balance. Yet in the very first game, Kain is killed. Why was Kain's successor not chosen at that moment?

Also, how did Kain live his mortal life unaware of his importance as the Scion of Balance? It seems like that's be like being the Avatar from the Nick cartoon. You'd probably figure it out after a few decades if no one more knowledgeable had simply told you.

19th Jan 2014, 01:19
There have been many balance guardians like Ariel, but only one Scion of Balance because Kain has some higher destiny than his predecessors.

As for why a new balance guardian wasn't chosen when he died as a human, that's because the previous guardian's binding item needs to be returned to the pillar first and for Kain, that's his own soul.

19th Jan 2014, 01:40
For your second question, the Guardians don't automatically realise what they are, and it's not necessarily obvious. It's said that the senior members of the Circle are obliged to track down and apprentice them. In Kain's case, none of them could be bothered to do so, as they were all mentally corrupt and too busy variously burning down landmarks/crying themselves to sleep/following alien orders.

19th Jan 2014, 13:57
how does they found newborn guardians? does they have some sort of tracking spell or device?
and i'm not entirely sure how the soul should be brought to the pillar...

19th Jan 2014, 14:25
How it is brought to the Pillar is described to you upfront by Kain in real time, when Ariel dies. It tears free, gets "lost in the ether", and tries to make its own way there.

20th Jan 2014, 09:00
As it was said before, the Scion of Balance is not the same as a Balance Guardian. Kain is not fully realized as the Scion of Balance until the end of Defiance where we see his mural in the Elder God's chamber.

But back to young Kain. All guardians are somehow symbioticly bound to each other. That is why Nupraptors madness reached Kain at his birth. One could assume that the guardians would track down the next guardian by this link, if they could be bothered that is. Or the case might have been that they didnt want the new Balance Guardian to be fully realized as such, because just as the Balance Pillar is the centre of the Pillars, so is the Balance Guardian pretty much the boss of all the others. Killing Kain as soon as possible would have been less effective than just leaving him in ignorance of his destiny, and it would have been that much more of an effort.

Until Mortanius came along. He wanted to change things, seeing the corruption of the Pillars and the Guardians (after what he did under his possession by the hylden) , and he trusted an ancient vampire prophecy as the last ditch effort to get things right.. He got Kain killed, so he could be raised as a vampire using Janos Audron's heart, and manipulated him to set him on a course to purge the Guardians and cleanse the Pillars. A lot more manipulations from a lot more directions however got Kain to the point where he decided that humanity is making a mess of a job in governing the Pillars, so he refuses to be the pawn anymore, and tries to go his own way...which evidently is his fate in the end. Free will is an illusion.

As for why didnt the pillars choose yet another Balance Guardian when he was killed by Mortanius' assassins: The Pillars appearently could not choose new guardians after they became corrupted. The pillars didnt become corrupted because Ariel was murdered. When she died, Kain was chosen. Ariels lover, the Mind Guardian Nupraptor found her corpse just minutes after her death. "Wrecked with grief and suspitions of treachery, Nupraptor plunges into a madness that inflicts all the Guardians to who he was symbioticly bound, including <Kain>". The entire circle descended into madness, and that is when the pillars started to crack, and from that moment, until they are to be restored (debatable), they cannot choose new guardians.

21st Jan 2014, 22:41
That's a good catch ^.
So it's a combo of
1) Mortaneus snapped Kain's soul back into the body and didn't let it go to the pillars, and
2) the pillars were offline and couldn't have done anything after receiving Kain's soul anyway.

It's not clear what would have happened after his soul arrived there. Would he and Ariel just start to party together forever? Would his arrival signal her release from being a ghost held in bondage to the pillar? Would his specter just replace hers as the new haunter of the pillars? would the balance pillar turn pristine again and release both of them from further duty? but that'd leave the other pillars corrupted, so the problem would continue, and I get the feeling at least somebody is going to be held trapped in limbo by the pillars until the mess is cleaned up. Oh well, needless confusion cuz it didn't happen that way.

25th Jan 2014, 16:19
You know, I love the series but some times they make things a bit too complicated...

25th Jan 2014, 17:29
The other pillars besides balance were already purified by the end of Blood Omen, but that won't do any good while they're broken.

25th Jan 2014, 22:45
The pillars broke only then, when kain decided not to sacrifice himself. Until then, they where fine except the corruption. But as long they are not all restored, they don't seem to choose a successor. Like a failsafe-system in a computer. You don't run the program as long as some variables are not in a clean state.

@Rexidus: Thats part of the charm ok LoK. <3

26th Jan 2014, 01:19
Yeah ^. At the beginning of Blood Omen the pillars were offline (not choosing new replacement Guardians anymore), but it wasn't until the end of Blood Omen that they were permanently broken (nobody can reset them anymore even if Ariel's method would have worked before). So when Kain was killed by the mob, his soul would have drifted to the balance pillar if Mort hadn't interfered and maybe that pillar would turn healthy again, but the other 8 pillars would still be crusted over with corruption because their guardians hadn't been slain yet. I guess that wouldn't accomplish anything. (Ariel showed us it's trouble when Balance dies first). Only Mr. Balance has the reset button, so he's got to be the last one standing when he presses it. The whole reset mission would have had to be aborted if Kain truly died from that mob.