View Full Version : The things I care about in Deus Ex

7th Oct 2008, 01:07
First and foremost, I’ll buy DX3 the day it’s out. Just as I did with DX2. If there will be a collector’s edition I’ll buy a collector’s edition. Just because it’s still Deus Ex, whether it’ll be very good or just good. If not for sort of boycott of DX2 by “hardcore funs” we right now quite possible were talking about DX5 instead of DX3. You know, I also considering myself a hardcore fun of Deus Ex but for me that means I have to have everything Deus Ex, whether good or bad. It’s like “my country, right or wrong.”

Sure I was disappointed with simple health, universal ammo and no skills but in the end it wasn’t important. Not for me, at least. What was important for me was the story and the fact that it was a Deus Ex story.

People rant here, whether DX3 will be “RPG enough.” I don’t care. I never considered DX1 an RPG. If anything, “FPS with RPG elements.” But how I really saw it, was as an adventure game. The kind Roberta tried to do with the last King’s Quest but failed. The shooting part of Deus Ex was not bad but nothing spectacular, RPG stuff brought some nice touches, but the best and the really important part that made the game was a damn good story, complex, unpredictable and surprisingly long.

DX2 was a continuation of that story and that was enough for me.

So, to the subject. The only thing I really care is that the story in DX3 will be at least as good as in DX2. And that it will be a Deus Ex story, not just a story of some guy with mechanical augmentations hated by ignorant mobs. I mean, the DX1 events happen in 2052, DX3 is set up in 2027 — 25 years earlier. Paul is already born, Beth DuClare is, probably, in Nicolette age, Morgan Everett, Stanton Dowd are rising starts of the Illuminati while Lucius DeBeers is still at the helm, Bob Page is a young and enthusiastic student of Everett, Joseph Manderley is making his career in US politics, Tracer Tong just started working for Luminous Path, Sam Carter is a young officer, Gary Savage looking for sponsors for UC project, etc.

What I really want is to see most of that characters in DX3 or, at least, hear of them. Not from the very beginning, of course — it’s a conspiracy, after all, so all the pieces will be revealed only at the very end, but it should be the same conspiracy. So after finishing we could honestly say: yes, DX1 was indeed a true sequel do DX3.