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6th Oct 2008, 13:44
Hey guys

With the announcement on tombnews.com, what do u think the third TR movie will be about? It went quiet for ages on the movie-front but I think it was inevitable. Who knows if AJ will return but I'd love to see another (improved) TR outing on the big screen! I think TRU will inspire it.

6th Oct 2008, 14:03

9th Oct 2008, 04:22
Hmmm....I'm sure they could have a much better storyline this time around (Not to say the movies were bad...but the stories in the games were MUCH more exciting).

I hope AJ returns, not because I loved her as Lara, but because I like consistencies in movies. Hate it when they replaces actors/actresses in a series....(grr Nightmare 4)