View Full Version : Inviting You To Join the Deus Ex Fan Club on Deviant Art

6th Oct 2008, 07:14
Hi everyone!

This is an invite to all you Deus Ex fans on here who are Deviant Art subscribers or wanted a reason to join Deviant Art.

We have recently started a fan club on Deviant Art and we'd love your support. It's simply another means of extending and linking up with the fan community and also a place to share any art that shows your love for the games.

WE ARE HERE: http://deus-ex-fan-club.deviantart.com

Also, Deviant Art is home to some of the artists who are working on Deus Ex 3; Theirry Doizon aka Barontieri http://barontieri.deviantart.com/ and Sebastien Larroude aka RAINART http://r-a-i-n-a-r-t.deviantart.com/
( although they have yet to acknowledge us and join the club :( )

It'll be cool to hear from you soon!

6th Oct 2008, 07:18
Cool! Could bring the community together, especially with Deux Ex's cool artwork. ;)

6th Oct 2008, 07:40
Cool. I'll definitely look into it :)

6th Oct 2008, 21:56
Great stuff! And actually, there's at least one other concept artist on the team who has a deviantArt account (I think).

Let me see if I can get them to join...

7th Oct 2008, 01:29
cool! that'd be brilliant if you could :D

i think we're the smallest fan club of anything on DevArt XD

7th Oct 2008, 04:52
I will be joining up shortly :)

8th Oct 2008, 12:46
I don't know much about Deviant Art (Artists' FaceBook/Myspace? :confused: ).

Should I add this thread to our list?