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5th Oct 2008, 22:00
It may be stupid to start a thread like this one, but
what do you think about the Lara's nose up above? (TRU picture)
I'm saying this because I think it's way too muck small!
It doesn't fit at all with her cheeks...

5th Oct 2008, 22:03
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Golden Laurel
5th Oct 2008, 22:08
:lol: weird thread but u have a point, her nose does seem kind of small. I remember a thread like this from Trforums (ive read alot of threads, b4 i was finnaly alowed to post on them) and they said the same thing that it was too small and stuff. but then when someone tried increasing the size and stuff she looked like an elephant.:lol:

5th Oct 2008, 22:09
first hair,then wrinkles..now nose...


5th Oct 2008, 22:11
I think my nose is big, so are we going to complain about that now? :mad2:

Honestly, she's not a perfect Goddess.

5th Oct 2008, 22:11
You forgot hands josh, there was a few threads about Lara's hands once.

oh your right there was and i believe her feet was brought up too

5th Oct 2008, 22:21
Sorry for deleting my post again. I thought I was being a bit cheeky :o
But people seem to be siding with the opinion that a thread talking about Lara's nose is a bit mental, so I should have left it.

5th Oct 2008, 22:24
Sorry for deleting my post again. I thought I was being a bit cheeky :o
But people seem to be siding with the opinion that a thread talking about Lara's nose is a bit mental, so I should have left it.

lol it wasn't cheeky at least not to me.

5th Oct 2008, 23:16
first hair,then wrinkles..now nose...


Omg I know, who cares If her hair has changed, personally I love her hair in TRU. The wrinkle thing is just stupid, she DOES NOT have wrinkles, she is and will always be 28 and 28 year olds do not have wrinkles. Her nose looks fine to me, it hasn't changed, just be thankful her nose is not big, you guys are too critical and I think your still not use to her in the next gen graphics, plus I think everything in TRU including Lara and her moves looks extremely realistic, and maybe your not use to her looking realistic. .

6th Oct 2008, 00:59
*Le sigh*

What is this? Another 'Lara Looks odd' thread?

Should have nosed this subject wouldn't be dropped.

*groan* :rasp: :lol:

6th Oct 2008, 04:41
Finally, someone else isn't pleased with the nose, as well.

I dislike it. It's way too small.

6th Oct 2008, 16:39
Yes, it should be bigger. She needs all her senses in the battle :eek:. For instance, how the hell is she gonna notice those lizards if she canĀ“t smell them? They are bloody fast, but they STINK!!


6th Oct 2008, 17:13
The nose is quite petite - less pointy than in some of the older games.

It's all that mud on her that I find amusing (yes, I'm easily amused) :D

She looks like she accidentally hopped into one of Jeff Goldblum's "The Fly" transporter thingies with a crusty old tortoise ;)

6th Oct 2008, 18:42
I think her nose fits her face, and if you at a picture of her full face you can see that it does fit. You guys are too critical.

6th Oct 2008, 18:47
I think her nose fits her face and you can tell that it does if you look at a full picture of her face. You guys are too critical.

6th Oct 2008, 19:05
i think her nose is a bit ugly but she isnt a model you know :D

10th Oct 2008, 07:55
about the nose I don't think the above picture is a good shot
cause normally her nose is ok. Now let's talk about Lara's
teeth in the old games she would always show her teeth
when she shot at something it made me laugh I like
Lara's teeth.

10th Oct 2008, 15:44
I think it shrank over time, has anyone noticed that?

16th Oct 2008, 21:15
agree with u GrosCul

u know i used to think the same :eek: and finally someone thinksthe same!! her nose is definitely smaller than suits her face

16th Oct 2008, 21:59
For a persona that doesn't like his nose, Lara's nose looks pretty okay to me. What concerns me it's her big feet and the way she swims. This are my only complains

LC is Me
16th Oct 2008, 23:15


25th Nov 2008, 04:47
I like her nose. It's like a button.:cool: