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5th Oct 2008, 18:55
This is getting out of hand.

PLEASE everyone, before posting something only slightly different that everything else that people have already posted, LOOK FOR SIMILAR THREADS. With all this news, 20 new threads have popped up, and every other one is identical to the one before it. Threads are created to post your ideas...not ignore and then go crazy making your own thread. Let's consolidate space and make these forums readable - post on existing threads.

P.S. Don't call me a hypocrite for making my own thread. I'm making a point.

5th Oct 2008, 19:13
I'm in complete agreement.

I think whats really comical, is that when something like this comes out all netiquette gets forgotten and people start creating multiple topics about pretty much the same thing at the same time - Exactly what the posters and mods have being working to prevent for the past year, so that all info about a particular topic is kept in the same thread.


I'm taking a break from this forum for a few days whilst I wait for a copy of PCZone to reach my hands, I'll be back after that (Probably start by bringing up a search for all of Rene' posts).
Prior to the info starting to leak out, being on this forum was fine, but the way things are at the moment I have to wade through 10x the number of posts to find anything worth reading.
And I absolutely abhor the use of sarcasm on internet forums, funny how it usually comes from the angry internet men.

5th Oct 2008, 20:27
3nails4you, I agree. But I'm going to close this thread so it in itself doesn't get out of hand. I hope people read your message and abide by it!