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5th Oct 2008, 18:07
I would like to apologize for making this it's own thread, but in hindsight I realized it would get more reads this way.

WOW, seriously -- I didn't wanna do it.... but you half-reading dip****s made me sign up for this forum.

First I'd like to say, any comparison to IW is just made up in your head, and it's quite obvious that DX3 is pretty tight with DX1 -- some MINOR changes.

To address why JC couldn't bungee jump, look at the whole picture. Mech Augs are DISLIKED, they were phased out so super soldiers can look normal, fit in with the people without them knowing you were aug'd. So obviously there is a change in technology here, mech --> Nano. Nano is almost unnoticeable, and maybe has a price that comes with it. Why do we still have analoguous devices today in the digital world? Well this is because somethings analog does better. (Disbelieve me? check out a music studio.)

So for example purposes only... Say we compared a Jump Aug. The mech aug maybe able to leap whole building, and the nano could make you jump 15 feet through the air. The mech looks extremely obvious, as you cannot hide the required technology to allow you to jump so high. Nano mods, being practically invisible, which would allow your soldier to blend in with normal people. JC was NANO, ADAM is MECH.... I would imagine there will be tons of different things mech augs could do that nano augs couldn't for this simple fact.

Flash back to DX, Gunther looked like Robocop!!! lmao, you people call youselves die hard DX fans but can't see that the world was practically all but post apocalyptic. The world was in ruins, who do you think was funding the factories and scientists that were creating mech augs. Also the number of people who used mech augs were much lower as the people were prejudice towards mech aug'd people. The people with the mech augs were top secret super agents. They wanted to broaden the abilities of the mech augs without compromising humanity, so they spent time and resources developing nano augs. DX 3 takes place in a different setting, a setting where the world is functioning as normal, and will no doubt explain the reason for the world to end up in ruins. Mech aug's are probably not hated at first but more welcomed... so they are actively developing new ones. Then they get overpowered and some corrupt people use said overpowered augs for maybe terrorist attacks and the like, people realize humans shouldn't have this power and then they start to hate Mech Aug'd people.

as for you understanding how a nano aug can heal you and a mechanical one cannot????? Thats nutso, I don't feel like I should explain it, but I must I suppose. So you can't make a machine that can breathe for you? So you can't make an artificial heart that can self repair itself? So you can't laser meld a wound closed to stop the bleeding? These are all things we have NOW in the real world. This is in a different universe where technology is far more advanced then real life, set in the not so distant future, why are they not capable of shrinking some of these down, and making improvements upon such technologies???? It's a VIDEO GAME, wake up -- NANO AUGS ARE NOT REAL....... yet. Mech AUGS are not real yet! Why would you dictate to the creators of a video game who are making a lush universe full of super human lore about the impossibilities of a technology THEY ARE CREATING IN THEIR OWN RIGHT.

Third, stop whining about the auto heal. Almost EVERY rpg in history has autoheal, so stop acting like you know how it's gonna work. Diablo had autoheal, but you COULD NOT, and I repeat COULD NOT, beat that game without potions. Who said the autoheal will heal you fully? Who said the autoheal works in 6 seconds? Who is to say that the autoheal doesn't tick 1 hp back a second? Who's to say the max life in DX3 is 100? Who's to say that the autoheal doesn't take energy? Who's to say the auto heal isn't upgradeable? Maybe the default auto heal will regen your life from 1 to a hundred in the time it takes you to buy, sell, talk, bribe, hack your way into a computer and take no energy. Now when you make the conscience choice to upgrade it, it takes energy and is capable of healing you much faster???

As to the Stat points IW didn't even have them, so obviously EM isn't going the route of IW. The stats may not change your accuracy, but thats what I HATED about DX 1. If your gonna make a game from the FP perspective, and give me a crosshair, then make the crosshair useless because human accuracy doesn't matter, then why make in FP at all? DX could of been a top down isometric RPG with the same story and people would of praised it the same. I always saw that as a fundamental flaw in this "Perfect" game everyone is talking about. DX1 was one of the greatest games of all time, but perfection it was NOT. Nothing is "PERFECT" as there is always room for improvement. Skills IMO, should affect hacking, social aspects, maybe your life points, but not critical aiming skills. If you wanna be the person who says RPG's you play the role of somebody better than you, so you should base it on stats, so if your not good you can still feel like your playing the role -- I'm sorry your wrong. The reason CHOICE is in the game is so you can role play HOW YOU WANT TO. The person who is the type of person to make JC a badass guns blazing hero, is probably more likely to be good at shooters. The person who takes the stealth diplomacy route, is obviously more likely to be an analytical type of person. The type of person who would rather think up a way to do something without being caught. So why make stats influence that? It ruins the role IMO when I want to be JC guns blazing, and it's dependent on stats, or i wanna sneak and oops my sneaking isn't ranked high enough blah blah blah.

Let's not give EM the praise for avoiding mistakes that your own Warren Spector couldn't even dodge in DX 2. Oh but this is the same crowd that wants Warren back, so he can further beat the series into the ground?? Uni Ammo, no stats, simplified hud, no real inventory, claustrophobic level design, horrendous performance..... these are all things that Spector is responsible for, that EM -- has changed. (Well, with maybe the exception of performance as we have no clue what the reqs are and how it runs, but c'mon it's the Tomb Raider Engine.)

Last time I checked games that were marketed for IMMERSION, such as HL2, your character doesn't speak, plus the camera NEVER shifts. DX always shifted to 3rd person for conversations which breaks the immersion right there. They aren't damaging the immersion by making some parts of the gameplay 3rdperson. So far it looks like we are actually gonna get a righteous sequel (well it is called DX3, even if the time line is before DX1, it's the 3rd iteration of the series) and you guys are gonna ruin it. Running your mouth talkin about this and that when YOU DO NOT KNOW, are damaging the potential sales of this game. People will contrive notions that the game is not a true DX game and this and that, and they will overlook it -- based on a RUMOUR spread by fans that can't even take the time to read an article. Go join 3D Realms forums, and talk about Duke, you can do no harm there.

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5th Oct 2008, 18:15
I'm not sure you noticed, but most people here are positive about the news, especially since René cleared some things up.

Also, please use more civilised language.

5th Oct 2008, 18:18
Basically everything you just said has been covered in other threads. Mooooving on.

5th Oct 2008, 18:22
Yeah, I know most people are positive here, did I say the negative was larger then the positive? I do however see the mounds upon mounds up mounds of posts regarding issues with the time line/3rd person/auto-heal. And where is my language not civilized? Did I resort to calling anyone in particular a name? I was generalizing the people who are taking it out of control. I do believe it's very civilized, and if you were referring to grammar, I was trying to make a point with a wall of text... forgive me for not taking the extra time to curve a run-on sentence.

Please as I didn't treat you with disrespect, do the same and please don't disrespect me.

5th Oct 2008, 18:22
Yes, I appreciate the support, but sadly even I am not allowed to create a thread solely for the purposes of yelling at the noobs that came here simply to whine. Sadly this must be closed as a result.