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5th Oct 2008, 07:59
I apologise if this has already been discussed, but with the new information released it's easier to speculate on this sort of thing.
I think it's very important for DX3 to include complex language when referring to things like weapons and technology, augmentation names, and not to try and dumb words down. DX had an aurora of intelligence about it, which just added to the immersion as you feel like you're playing inside a real world rather than an arcade game centered on the player. Jaime Reyes would rattle on about the architecture of your nanoaugmentation in great detail, and even if I didn't understand it I'd still be thinking "boy, this man is a genius". The same applies for the philosophical and social element of the game, where people like Everett or the guy you interrogate in the first mission (forgive me for not remembering his name) share their detailed anti-establishment views without sounding overly immature.
Perhaps one of IW's greatest sins in my opinion, was using the word "Biomod" in place of "Augmentation". I hated that.

From the scans of the magazine, the four augs detailed are labelled "Claymore", "Multi-Kill", "Wall Punch" and "Bungee Jumping". It would be totally stupid to just assume that these are the official names given to the augmentations, but I really hope these are just working titles and that the same complex scientific language is used in reference to them.
Scientists and biomechanics(probably not a word) aren't going to spend years developing augmentations so they can just call them "Wall Punch"


5th Oct 2008, 08:11
I don't mean to demolish your thread, but yes, the topic is currently already being discussed:


Cheers mate.