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The Killjoy
5th Oct 2008, 02:19
Hi all,
Ive been lurking here since it opened but now things are actually starting to happen I thought Id throw in my 2 cents.

So I am a big fan of the Deus Ex games (yes plural Im one of the few who like IW) but since my computer sucks its most likely that I will be playing this on a console.

That said one of the things I liked most about the original DX was that I could find random codes scattered around the place in journals and data disks and try typing them into computers to see what happens.

Soooo..... what I am getting at is that the game should come bundled with one of those soft roll up keyboards. I have seen it done with the atlantis box set. I would be willing to pay a little extra and i think it would improve the experience immeseurable for the console audience.

and Im done


5th Oct 2008, 03:10
That's actually a good idea. I'm sure Eidos can strike a good deal with some manufacturer to make it dirt cheap to do so. Sort of like Warhawk came bundled with Jabra's Blue Tooth headsets at no extra cost, despite it running for something like $20 on NewEgg.

In either case, I think it would be a very good idea to make the game compatible with keyboard/mouse setup. If you aren't picky, you can pick up a pair for $10, and it really changes any FPS experience.