View Full Version : Thief:DS audio "semi-corruption"?

4th Oct 2008, 23:14
It seems like some missions lose some of the audio tracks (files) after the mission loads. I went thru the entire Clocktower mission and all the audio seemed to work fine. I then decided to play it again, and the background music disappeared in the lower Clocktower part, as well as the "new objective" chime and Garrett's voice-overs. All other audio seemed to work.

Now it seems like it is happening in another mission, where Garrett meets the Keepers in the Graveyard. I go there via Black Alley, and wander a bit in the graveyard, and I don't hear any background music (but other sounds, footsteps, crickets, etc. work fine). Then the cutscene starts, and when it's done, the "new objective" message text appears on the screen, but with no chime. Also no voice-over by Garrett.

What's going on here? Are certain files corrupted? Should I just reinstall?

Pentium D 3GHz, Intel 955X & ICH7R, Soundblaster XFi, Radeon X1950Pro

5th Oct 2008, 04:48
Note- reinstall didn't fix it. It seems to be a corruption in the save files. Please help!