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4th Oct 2008, 23:07
My guess would be because it takes place before the worldwide economic depression. Governments have much more money that they can spend on rapidly advancing technology. When the economy collapses, high tech equipment becomes harder and harder to get. And that's not just with government technology; Gunther and Anna may have had very primitive looking augmentations because the previously developed augmentations found in Deus Ex 3 are simply too costly to produce.

4th Oct 2008, 23:48
My guess is that graphics engine technology has advanced to the point where they can add a lot more detail and do more justice to a high tech setting. Let's face it, even when DX1 came out the engine was already dated.

4th Oct 2008, 23:52
You can't really make feasable theories for this sort of thing. Yeah I guess it's a flaw in the game's canonical structure, and that will annoy some a lot more than it will annoy others, but just try to respect DX3 for what it is (which seems pretty awesome so far)

4th Oct 2008, 23:56
My opinion on this that I had already state on a different thread (the relevant parts):

You mentioned that the technology seems more advanced here than in DX?
Please take into account that:

1. We only saw a few MechAugs and for all intents and purposes, the notable ones were working for an international police unit, not full blown military.
2. We didn't see them in every possible tactical scenario, there's a heck of a lot more augs they can have had that we never saw.
3. That arm is NOT more advanced than the Mech Augs in Dx in any means. That's a concealed clade within someone's hand, Navarre had an entire Assault Riffle in her forearm. That means something with a lot more moving parts/ammo space in a tiny space.
I'd even go as far as to mention Gunther's "skul gunn Mr.Manderley?"
4. We're also discussing the matter of late 2008 graphics power vs late 1999. Unless you want to go back to using the old Unreal Engine there's always a big chance this one will look more "advanced" (Quote RvB:"The future is shinier!")
And don't forget that this is a whole new team, of course they'll keep the concepts from DX and add some of their own to the mix, this is THEIR artistic property.

We also only explored poorer parts of the world in DX (except from Paris). Just because those looked incredibly degraded and gritty does not mean ALL of the world looks like that. Give the information a chance rather than jumping to conclusions with so little of it.

5th Oct 2008, 00:01
Check previous threads first please!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't lots of cities already built on top of older cities? As of now? And it wouldn't be THAT unrealistic to think that making those "under-cities" inhabitable was possible. That said, Shanghai could have even been a model, or example, whose structure was implemented after the Collapse in Seattle to make the whole city-state thing work better.

The tech in DX3 will look better than that in DX1 because of decade-ago graphics and game capabilites.The technology will look better than that used in IW because, you know, the entire world economy had just collapsed and left a lot of the world in ruins. While we're on the subject, let's talk about PMS. I mean, er, Phantom Menace Syndrome. Same reason. 2 decades of Civil War had kinda ravaged the economy and technological capability in the Star Wars plot. Everything looked better in the I II III era because there was more tech available to everyone, more resources for training soldiers and Jedi, etc. than there was in the IV V VI era. That's the reason Lucas made the movies in the order he did...the entire 6-movie script was written before the 1st movie went into production. Lucas knew that in '77 he didn't have the resources to depict highly trained Jedi and all this other stuff, so he switched to the time where 20 years of war had taken its toll on the galaxy. People need to STOP BEATING UP PHANTOM MENACE lol. It makes sense when you think about it, as does IW vs. DX3.

I think taking Y2K grafix, wars, etc. into account gives a pretty solid reason for better scenery, weaponry, technology in a prequel. Also, it could very well be that the reason the technology was abandoned, as you say, was the social unacceptance. Hence, "Augmented people not welcome here"? I think the prequel is going to work out GREAT. Keep and open mind everyone.

Aaaand, I'm sure that by the time I get done typing this, someone else will get done posting the exact same thing. lawl.

From about 4 threads ago...

5th Oct 2008, 00:17
My guess would be because it takes place before the worldwide economic depression
Incorrect. Early forms of any technology always look better than later forms.

Consider early computers:
(That's ENIAC, by the way.)

Compare to modern equivalent:

This is the allure of the Steam Punk genre. We want the technology to look primitive. It looks more complex. Things that really are complex, in contrast, look like a piece of plastic.