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28th Sep 2008, 18:06
OK so i know this is a DX3 forum but no has answered my Q on IW forum. My new laptop a Dell Inspiron 1525. i want to know if IW is compatible with it.

28th Sep 2008, 18:12
Post the system specs. It should work though.

28th Sep 2008, 18:15
oh crap i cant find the video card. k thnx

28th Sep 2008, 19:00
IW is old enough that any laptop made since 2004/05 should be able to play it just fine on max settings.

28th Sep 2008, 19:02

Run that, and go to the Display tab. Under Device, it should tell you what kind of a graphics chip you have. The line stating Chip Type should do.

Odds are, it will need to be DirectX9-compatible, and Dell isn't known for putting good graphics chips on their laptops. But do give us the actual chip you have, and someone will look up its specs.

29th Sep 2008, 00:44
mobel intel 965 express chipset family. i downloaded the demo and video goes fine but the game play feels a little laggy

29th Sep 2008, 05:16
I think I misread the original post. IW requires DX8 compatibility. And the fact that demo runs pretty much tells you that you have that.

If the demo runs, so should the full game. However, if you experience lag on demo, there will be at least a few places in the game where it will be even worse.

You can do two things about that. First, check the graphics options. Try reducing resolution and some quality settings. Turning bloom off should free up a few cycles, but I don't remember if that is an option in the demo.

Another thing you can do is kill everything you don't need. At the bottom right corner you have icons for a few things that are running in the background. Try closing what isn't essential. You can go further and close things in Task Manager as well. Simply Ctrl-Alt-Del to Task Manager, and check the Processes tab. Just about anything that isn't marked System or Service can go. Though, if you kill Explorer, it might make navigation a bit difficult.

What OS does it run, by the way, Vista? You will get much better performance if you can get XP running on it. If you have a copy of XP, there is a way to make your system dual-boot into either of the two OS depending on which one you want to use.

29th Sep 2008, 06:38
Another alternative is to right-click the bottom bar, and select task manager. Eliminate dwm.exe, and that should make it run as fast as an XP laptop (my last two laptops were practically identical, except one was XP and one Vista, once that program was shut down, they were equal in terms of speed). It may also help to close down any unnecessary programs as well (sidebar.exe, internetexplorer.exe and any other programs you have running). Lastly, I found that a RAM upgrade is both dirt cheap, and tends to help when a game has occasional slowdown, not consistent slowdown. Just my two cents though.