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17th Jan 2014, 01:38
Looking at the different vampire clan class threads, im noticing that both the Zephonim, and Malchialim (spellcheck?) seem to be turning out as very sneaky combatants. Much like the already announced Dumalim. for those of you who dont know, these vampires are agile, fast, leap-and-feast specialists that seem to be the stealth that the Zephonim, and the Malchialim would bring to the table.

Unless im misunderstanding the trailer.

Are the Dumalim more sturdy then their method of hunting suggests? Are they the durability meeting ground between the Razielim and Turelim? if so then this opens multiple creative gates into the other clans. What im trying to say is, what is the Dumalim's role as of now in development, assuming this question can even be answered. And if a pure stealthing mechanic would be introduced, would this make the Dumalim obsolete, or would some factor keep the new stealthable clan on even footing with the Dumalim

And yes, i utterly forgot the names for the classes and refused to open a new tab to check. Like a sir :cool:

17th Jan 2014, 08:52
As far as i am aware, neither the zephonim nor the melchiahim are anywhere finished or announced even. What you see on the forums are the speculation/brainstorming of us fans. They can turn out very different than what we are speculating about, and as far as i know, Balance is key in this game, so that might suggest that they are doing their best to avoid the same kind of gameplay(like stealth and ambush attacks) present in two different classes.

17th Jan 2014, 11:59
From what's been said about the Zephonim so far, it sounds like they won't actually have any melee attacks and will feel a lot like if Solid Snake was only allowed to use claymore mines and C4, no punches/kicks/CQC at all and definitely no guns since no vampires have ranged attacks in this game.

17th Jan 2014, 17:19
The Dumahim Reavers are more precise and tactical warriors, and play like such. The Turelim are bigger, and use raw power. The "stealth" you see is really these tactics. Any stealth character would not leave the Reaver obsolete unless it's skills were essentially stronger versions of what the Reaver possesses. I think that's the limit of what I can say.