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26th Sep 2008, 23:04
Well, i started playing tomb raider when i was like really little playing tr1 and then after number 2 i lost interest. Then legend came out and lara looked kool and the game was awesome and then anniversary came out now underworld. And dont get angry at me, i liked the old games for a bit of fun but i just see the series as tra being the new tr1, trl being the new tr2 and tru being the new tr3 and i kind of try to forget about the past because the old lara was like evil and now shes kind funny and lovable like a teddy bear... lol so now tell me where your tr series starts and finishes???..:scratch:

26th Sep 2008, 23:08
Well, i started playing tomb raider when i was like really little playing tr1 and then after number 2 i lost interest. Then legend came out and lara looked kool and the game was awesome and then anniversary came out now underworld. And dont get angry at me, i liked the old games for a bit of fun but i just see the series as tra being the new tr1, trl being the new tr2 and tru being the new tr3 and i kind of try to forget about the past because the old lara was like evil and now shes kind funny and lovable like a teddy bear... lol so now tell me where your tr series starts and finishes???..:scratch:

*sighs* i like to think that these are after aod and just cooled it for a couple months and changed her attitude a bit. otherwise they ALL happened in sequence except chronicles and the movies.

26th Sep 2008, 23:11
Ok kool.

7th Oct 2008, 12:07
Um, old Lara was not evil, AND NEVER COMPARE HER TO A TEDDY BEAR AGAIN! lol

I was two when I played two, and I've played all of them, I have all of them, (even though I hate AoD) and will always remember Lara as my own personal super hero (I even had little guns made out of cardboard that my dad made but that's another story that I'd like to forget... :p )

9th Oct 2008, 03:55
So I'm guessing this is where we talk about our tomb raider experiences? Well, back in '96 my mom brought home this game, Tomb Raider....she played it (I was in 6th grade) and I thought it looked cool....so I picked it up one night after everyone was asleep....and played it ALL night!!! I couldn't get enough of it!! It was so cool...the mystery, Lara's personality...the tombs...EVERYTHING!

So naturally I got into it, played all the following games (TR3 was my favorite), then was blown away when TRLR came out 'cause the graphics were updated (ha). But it was hard as hell, and to this day is the one TR game I have yet to beat!!!

Chronicles was my next fav, because I loved young Lara, but didn't like not having guns :( Then AOD came out and I thought that was the end of the game series....that game was horrible...I was sad, and thought they f-ed it up.

But then the new games came out, Anniversary and Legend...and I loved them, I was scared because I was uncomfortable with changing everything (being used to the old system)...but I really love them.

I think it's cool that there's a game series I've been playing from ages 11-23....it's MY game. Everyone who knows me knows Lara is my girl. She's been there for me on long college study nights, lonely nights w/out family, or even nights where I didn't want to talk to anyone....No matter what I can always pop in ANY (except AOD) Tomb Raider game and have a blast for hours.

So yeah, TR is amazing

18th Oct 2008, 21:33
The first time I saw TR1 I was 10, I went to my friends neighbors and he was playing it. I was instantly sucked in! (it was during an underwater section in the Atlantis Level). I was mesmerized by this game, specially the underwater sections, they looked so real! (I love the water bits as I love to swim)
All I did after was talk about it, when I was about 11-12 Mum and Dad bought me a PlayStation and Tomb Raider.
I was hooked instantly and have been since.

I remember a few years after I was in a magazine shop, and there on the front cover of one of the Game magazines was a Demo for Tomb Raider 2. I went crazy!
I remember doing lots of jobs around the house to get the money for it.
When I got the full game, all I was paranoid about was sharks!
*Lara falls in the water* "...There's gonna be a shark in here!!" lol, silly but they looked really scary in all the mags! :eek:

I got every Tomb Raider every year! I didn't really like Last Revelation, as it felt too... different for me, Chronicles wasn't to bad tho ^^. Angel Of Darkness wasn't bad at first, but after a while, I realised they had rushed it to much, and had tried to be to adventurous with it.
When I heard Core had lost the right's I was a little upset, but I knew they needed to lose it before Tomb Raider lost all of it's fans.

When Legend came out and I played it I thought "...What have they done!? It plays nothing like Tomb Raider should!"
But I stuck with it, and gradually became to like it, and then love it! It just worked so well running on another engine! Now I'm so in love with the new ones, and get as excited as a kid at Christmas everytime one is due out! I can't wait for Underworld, looks something else!:D :nut:

18th Oct 2008, 22:53
I've shared my story many times, in many different threads. I'm just going to rant about which games I got first and last, let alone finishing them.

Tomb Raider - Very first game I've played, when it was still new, at my biological fathers house, during winterbreak from elementary school. I didn't actually get my hands on the game until a year or two ago, to make the game mine and finished it without much trouble.

Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business - The very first game I ever got from the TR series, for myself. Got it for the PC, and had it since.

Tomb Raider 2 - Bought this game later on, at least a year after it's release. I think I was still in elementary school, or middle school, not sure. I've been playing that game a lot, to replace my desires to replay the classic. Took a couple of years until I got to play the original again.

Tomb Raider 2: Golden mask - I don't own-own the game. But after I got lucky (explained in TR3lost artifact) I Downloaded the free version of TR2GM.

Tomb Raider 3 - Parents bought the game for my sisters and I, when we first got our hands on a PS2, brand new. Instead of playing the demo at a friends house, I finally got the game itself and played it... A lot, but never successfully beat it--without cheats--until a couple months ago. Never really appreciated the game too much.

Tomb Raider 3: Lost Artifact - I've been wanting the game since it came out. Such a difficult game to get your hands on! I was so very-very lucky to be at the right place at the right time. Good Will is a fantastic place to look for classic games. My father and I were looking through the electronics section and he found the game, handed it to me. Bought it. As I opened the case, to see how the CD is, I find another TR game, which is a PC version of TR2--score!

Tomb Raider: Last Revelation - A game that I've been looking for; for the longest time. Originally my mother bought it to keep herself occupied, since she was in her gaming mode, and she's really into Indiana Jones. Mother didn't enjot it, so she gave it to my sisters and I. After we move out, and began to build our house, we lost the game. Eventually, within a year or so after moving into the new house I find the game for 5$ at a local gamestore and bought it. Finally beat it a couple months ago.

Tomb Raider: Chronicles - A game that I never really appreciated very much. I replaced that game for TR4, before I got my hands on the game. Same thing what I did with TR2. A replacement game to keep me satisfied and wonder what that missing game was like until I got them. I've beat the game many times and never liked it too much. Besides the Rome levels.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - I rented the game when it first game out, around '05. The gameplay was slow and felt nothing like the other games. I hated it from the start, for 3-4 more years. Until, I joined the forum and decided to make my own opinion of the game and bought it myself, let alone finish it. Bought it a year or so ago, played it for a little bit then just put it away. I had no patience for it. After I beat TR3, without cheats, my first time I decided to play AOD again, and this time bite my tongue and just play through it all. I have to say it was completely worth it. The game was beautiful, but of course I hated the glitches and whatnot. Still a great story and obviously felt unfinished. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the end, it was like a cliff hanger to me.

Tomb Raider: Legend - First of the Crystal Dynamics TR games. I was lurking in the forums, before I actually joined. A game that I was wanting! I wanted the game so much, and I lucked out. We were still building the house at the time and mother bought the game for herself, and I was plotting to buy it for the PS2. Mother plays the game for a bit, and I go out to the living room and she's getting frustrated. She lets me play, and after that mother had no desire to play the game anymore. Another TR game she loses interest in. She wants to get into the games but she has no patience for them. So, years later (This summer) I take some games that are unwanted in the household and traded them in for cash, and traded the xbox version of TR:L for a PS2 version. Rebeat the game once again.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Finally joined the forums. I was very excited for such a game. I pre-ordered it and everything! Very first game I've ever Pre-ordered. Just hours before my Highschool Graduation my mother and I go to the game store and I go to pick-up and buy it. Didn't play it until the day after the Senior Party. After that I was playing the game for months, hooked on it! But now since I was satisfied with everything, I'm not going to be playing it for a while.

Tomb Raider: Underworld - I JUST BOUGHT THE GAME YESTERDAY! Pre-ordered it, and now I just have to pick it up on the day they're put on store shelves!

18th Oct 2008, 23:19
when i really started to like TR, hmmm well my first game ever was TRAOD and i thought it was pretty cool when i was like 6 or 7. but i got really obsessed when i looked at the classic games and i started playing trl and tra

18th Oct 2008, 23:51
I first played the TR2 Demo then TRL then TRA then TRAoD
I know weird sequence

19th Oct 2008, 00:17
On Christmas day 1997 my uncle showed me how to play TR1 I was only 4 so I had no idea what to do. in 2000 I got TR3 and played on that for years on and off (I could never get past Willard) I then lost interest in tomb raider until I had a sudden urge to play it I browed anniversary of my uncle and played that .I got AOD thinking it was the same as anniversary big Disappointment I’m still in the bio dome now lol. I then got legend completed it over night and I have been waiting for tomb raider underworld since

19th Oct 2008, 05:42
Unlike most TR fans, I didn't get hooked from the "main" games that were released; I remember even thinking Lara was trashy looking when the game first came out (oh, how times change).

No, my first TR game was Tomb Raider on the GBC when I was 13 (2000, I think). I never had a system up until that point in which I could play a TR game, and then when we got a PC, I got a TRII demo.

From that point, I got a Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II Gold pack (beat TRII first, TR much later), The Lost Artifact, The Last Revelation, Chronicles, Tomb Raider III, AOD, Legend, and Anniversary. Chronicles and Tomb Raider III I didn't really have any strong feelings for; I enjoyed TLR and the original, but I have a soft spot for TRII.

AOD is the only TR game I haven't been able to finish due to sheer frusration with the controls. I love Legend and I really liked Anniversary.

19th Oct 2008, 10:02
For me, the series starts and runs in the order it was meant. I bought TR1 on day of release (on the Saturn), and I've bought every-single title since on day of release.
While I wouldn't attempt to change younger players' opinions, I won't ever deny the original games' existence because I personally feel that's insulting.

19th Oct 2008, 10:43
I was late getting into the franchise. I bought Chronicles, didn't have the first clue what to do (:lol: ) so searched and found TR1 and TR2 and played those. I have played the games in sequence since then.

All the games are in sequence as it should be. And for me, Tomb Raider hasn't 'finished'. TRU is yet to be released and there will no doubt be more games to come. ;)

19th Oct 2008, 11:16
my story goes like this....

when i was 6 (1996) my brother who was fifteen at the time would always go over to his friends house to play tombraider. but he wasn't a very good brother (still isn't) and never let me play (yelling at me if i we tried touching the controllers). years went on and on.

the year the first movie came out, my older sister became a huge angelina fan and bought tr 2, 3 and 4 to see what it was like. she actually didn't like them! and when i saw them and remembered my face lit up like this ...:eek:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN I PLAY!!?? ............ "yeah sure" she said

after completing those three (it took me a year as they was my FIRST computer games)
i sought out chronicles and aod which i loved, (ofcourse i understand why alot of people didn't like it but it didn't bother me as it was still tomb raider:D )

i got a job two months before legend came out (so i could pay for it) and then anniversary and last year i got
TR1 of ebay.

now i can't wait for underworld.

i am in love with a pixelated dream. i wanted so much to go on an adventure, be the male tomb raider and silly stuff like that.:D

next year i plan to go to china and south america and other places lara has been.

@ Haylee.
when i was young i made guns out of lego :D

19th Oct 2008, 12:34
Tomb Raider (late 90's), on PlayStation (yes I was playing without a memory stick in the beginning, made it till somewhere in the Colosseum but then I had to turn the machine off and start all over again the next day.....................:mad2: )
Then I bought a memory stick and finished the game (and loved it). Later I bought it for the pc too and finished. Had to get used to the controls though.

Tomb Raider II (right after I finished TR), only pc. Really enjoyed this one too.

Tomb Raider III (right after I finished TR II), only pc. Found this one harder, but really cool.


Early 21st Century (hey that sounds cool :cool:) Tried Tomb Raider Chronicles. Finished but didn't like it that much.

Same year I bought TR AOD. I found it fun to play, but it was a bit different. I enjoyed the part with the Hall of Seasons etc the best. Didn't like the interactive talking thing that much. Never finished because of the bugs........................and Kurtis :whistle: .

Two years ago: Tomb Raider Legend.
I really had to get used to the controls, but after I mastered them it was wonderful. I just loved it, the story, the beautiful locations and traps (yes loved those too :D ) and I loved the riding on the bike. I've always wanted to do that!. Negative points: too much mercenaries, Lara/Zip/Alistair helping you through the puzzles and traps, skipping to reload screen before Lara actually died (she just fell of the cliff, but what if she made it somehow :confused: ), to many cutscenes, baddies and animals being announced an hour before they actually appear..........

One year ago: Tomb Raider Anniversary.
Great game, made me pick up the classic one again. Negative points: premature announcing of animals (reduces the fear-and thrill factor to almost 1%), shortening of certain levels and decreased amount of animals

Few months ago: Tomb Raider Last Revelation.
I have no idea why I forgot about this one, cause it was great! :nut:

This year (hopefully): Underworld! (Can't wait :D )

19th Oct 2008, 12:42
TR1 when it came out
TR2 few months after it came out
TR3 a year after it came out
TR4 when it come out
TRAOD When it came out
TRL few months after it came out, but then I went back to the store and asked if they got the right game, because 'TR' did not deserve to be on the box.
TRA I bought online on eBay six months after it came out.

19th Oct 2008, 14:17
I started with legend because my uncle was playuing it, then i was bought (or given) the whole series on my b-day, (whole series except anniversary, then i got anniversary day it came out :)