View Full Version : uploading drawings

25th Sep 2008, 18:06
anyone know a good site for uploading my drawings? havent done it in ages :p

25th Sep 2008, 18:10
Nosgothic Realm (http://www.nosgoth.net) or Deviantart (http://www.deviantart.com/).

25th Sep 2008, 18:20
ok i registered at deviant art, now how du i upload pictures, i cant seem to find an upload button(jeez am i stupid or somthing?)

edit: nevermind, i found out how ^^


my first picture on the web in years :)

25th Sep 2008, 19:03
great!! ;)

25th Sep 2008, 19:12
tanks, hey if anyone wants me to draw a simple scetc or someting just ask :) migth be fun ^^

25th Sep 2008, 19:31
hmm... art is hard to create.... but I would like to see something funny of LoK.......... :scratch: maybe Moebius who is in trouble or something.... :lol:

26th Sep 2008, 15:07
i dont do funny, its just not my thing. but mobius i can do

and i dont really do art either, just some fast scetches to pass time :) im not professionally trained either, i just like to dodle a little if that makes any sence

26th Sep 2008, 17:04
That's ok... but what I ment to say was that you can't be said what you have to draw... If you want to have it nice then you should do it yourself... but I think a Vorador would be nice.... :D