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25th Sep 2008, 01:57
Hey Guys. I have been wondering what threads to post up, and the best I could do is this, why do you love Lara Croft? And P.S. Guys, no negative comments like "There have been plenty of threads like this.", because as you can see, I'm sort of a new player.

25th Sep 2008, 02:53
hello , well for starters I always wanted to be an archeologist and playing the game makes me feel like I am in a way , and its just a great game all around, you can go where you want , kick butt and ask questions later!! :D

25th Sep 2008, 04:53
Eh, keeps us busy, even though there have been multiple threads of everything in the Underworld subforum.

By the way, welcome to the forums. :D

When I was younger, and first played the original TR back in 96 I wanted to be a Veterinarian, because I loved animals so much, then once I played the game I suddenly wanted to do Archaeology. Though, as time went on and constantly roleplaying as her with friends, then collecting each game, let alone slowly realizing that the real thing isn't as epic as Lara's adventures. I still adore and kind of wanting to have Biology as a minor, blahblahblah, just because of Lara.. But I'm working more towards the artsy career.

Anyway, I digress. I love Lara because she helped me find my own beliefs, and widen my imagination a lot more. Let alone, she's a beautiful anti-hero. A character who didn't care about anything but her goal, to receive that item. No matter what cost, she will continue to go foreward, even if that means to climb, hike, and shoot anything in her way.

She also made me a little proud of my hair and eye colour. I've always fancied the Red hair, and green eye look; even though I have a small ring of green around the pupil.

Lara has, and always will be an inspiration. She's my hero. It doesn't matter if your hero is fictional, or not, just as long as you have someone to look up to on the best and the worst of times.

25th Sep 2008, 05:58
For me it has to do with my childhood.

It was one of the main series along with Mario/Sonic that I grew up with, so ill always have attached feelings to Lara/Mario/Sonic and their games pretty much for the rest of my life,cant erase childhood memories like that ;) :thumbsup:

25th Sep 2008, 07:54
coz its fun to play, i like explorer games any explorer games handed over to me and i´d play it. i first played a demo of tr3 when i was little then got legend when it came out, then anniversary and now i am waiting for underworld, lol. am sooo excited...

25th Sep 2008, 09:42
I like it because in the classic Tomb Raiders, the atmosphere was spooky.
When an animal or a man was coming out of a corner suddently, I were always surprised and it pleased me. ;) Then Tomb Raider AoD came and I continued to play. But when Legend came out, I played for the realism of the places, the beauty of Lara and the interresting story. Anniversarry was great too, like TR1 and now we all wait for Tomb Raider Underworld!:D :D :D

25th Sep 2008, 10:37
Well I love Lara because she is who she is. That's all.:cool:

25th Sep 2008, 11:32
Because she is lovely.

25th Sep 2008, 11:44
i love her because she 'raised' me(as far as the video games are concerned).apart from that i thought she was a total bitc**** until legend camecause her new attidude appeals much more to me.and if you ask why i play tomb raider thats abolutely not (or not only for her) for lara.i play tr cause i love it as an idea,as a game itself

25th Sep 2008, 12:11
I was 5 years old back in 1997.
It was Christams, when I opened my present I saw my Playstation!
I got so happy, and then I saw some game that my dad brought for me to play.
The title read......" Tomb Raider 2."
I was curious, I had no idea what game this was. But nonetheless I was excited.
I was young, and not very picky with video games, I loved them all then.
As soon as I popped the game disc into my new Playstation, I got excited.
Then the TR2 theme song took me away.
I met Lara Croft, and I've been a fan of hers since.
TR2 was the first TR game I ever played. TR1 came later.......like in 2001.

25th Sep 2008, 15:54

because she takes down a lot of the stupid prejudices about women:

- she is fearless and strong (not some stupid damsel in distress)
- she is intelligent (not a dumb bimbo)
- she is independent (well, you know, the damsel in distress thing)
- she is pretty, but not in a 'beauty contestant' way

I like her because she is adventurous, a sort of female version of Indiana Jones. She travels around the world on her own and dares to enter the most dangerous tombs and other places. I like her character in the game (Legend). She doesn't act like a 'real lady' at all, and why should she? ;)

In the game: she takes the paths you want her to take, makes reckless jumps because you want her to, when she gets hurt all you have to do is give her a medipack and she goes on without compaining, even if you fail a hundred times at a tricky jump she tries again.......and so on.............:lol:

And of course, I just LOVE the game. She is the perfect character for the perfect game.

26th Sep 2008, 01:15
I love Lara because she's independent, beautiful, cunning, and lastly, she kicks fat ass. :D

26th Sep 2008, 01:19
I love Lara because she's independent, beautiful, cunning, and lastly, she kicks fat ass. :D


27th Sep 2008, 00:17
i love lara because...shes perfect, shes like the perfect girlfriend that wont breakup with you, like others have said, she wont complain about your inaccuracy's. and the teeny tiny little fact that she *****NG kicks *ss.

27th Sep 2008, 23:14
I love Lara because she has a keen sense of witt, she knows what to say at the right time, and she can kick a T-Rex's *ss and look gorgeous doing it.

16th Oct 2008, 10:09
I love Lara croft because it changed the way people see women and how subsequent games and movies were written. Before heroes were big built men on steroids. And females like wonder women never really cut it.

It is lara who is the best symbol of feminism, she really started the move towards a female heroine,also the plots make you feel like you delving into the past, a forgotten way of life, a serious hobby of the lady.

Before we used to look at guys who we wanna be, Now we look at the girl who we wanna be with. I agree with the other guy who posted. Lara is the ultimate lady that both sexes can enjoy admiring and looking up to. Copies of her like FAKK and other games just dont cut it.

16th Oct 2008, 20:03
i like it 'cause its gameplay is quite different from other games. most games focus on just fighting or just solving puzzles (like point & click games) but TR has loads of stuff packed in a single game.... so its loads of more fun to play TR than any other game :cool: