View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Profile Statistics

16th Jan 2014, 14:13
I would really like to see some more useful statistics that aren't based on how much time you've played. For example:

Avg dmg per game

Avg heals per game

Avg dmg per clip

Stuff that you can meaningfully compare without taking into account how many games someone has played. Also statistics should not factor ALL your games, but rather the last 100. That way we can see improvements or see how we get worse etc..

16th Jan 2014, 15:40
I'd like it as 50 games (100 rounds). Small set, so we can measure change easier. 100 (assuming you meant 100 per faction)is a LARGE sample.

16th Jan 2014, 16:01
I agree, great thing to have.

16th Jan 2014, 16:10
I like the overal statistics, but adding average damage stats sound good.

16th Jan 2014, 16:22
Longest time without dying is always fun to have, and seeing the class,weapon by which you are damaged/killed the most would also be nice :)

16th Jan 2014, 16:40
I like avg dmg per use/ avg time in AoE (per skill). Might get lengthy, but it'll really help players out as we get more advanced in how to increase an aspect of our game.

16th Jan 2014, 16:43
Yeah guys, what´s your longest time alive from all the classes so far? :P