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21st Sep 2008, 21:32
Do you all remember the way Lara used to teach us stuff in the original Tomb Raider in Lara's home? Like she told us which buttons to press etc. ,, ...to make me grab the ledge and save myself from a nasty fall" and things like that :) .

I think that was really cool, but it belongs to the old TR's. The new ones with the Croft Manor are fine the way they are in my opinion.

Who wants the 'old style' back???

21st Sep 2008, 21:40
I quite like how croft mannor is now, but you cant beat the classics, her old mannor was more fun to explore even though there was so little to do in it lol!

I remeber in tomb raiders 1 & 2 when i was younger thinking "i wonder whats behind those doors?" even though you could never open them!

Raindrops Melody
21st Sep 2008, 21:46
I want it back!!!:D it would make it a lot easier 2 play, and would not ruin the opening level with learning how 2 do every thing.:D

21st Sep 2008, 21:55
would not ruin the opening level with learning how 2 do every thing.:D


21st Sep 2008, 22:11
I totally agree. It is already hard enough reading the manual with clarity trying to figure out to control Lara. :thumbsup:

21st Sep 2008, 22:41
Who wants the 'old style' back???

I loved the old style.
I personally have always been a fan of hearing whatever character I'm playing a video game with, speak.

22nd Sep 2008, 03:14
Who wants the 'old style' back???

"Old style" as in keep the training/learning of how Lara moves in the gym, and build up a knowledge of basic techniques in there, sounds sensible to me. It also allows the main levels to start off harder, more replay value because we all hate to replay the level and have it remind us of actions we've done throughout the whole game.

I wouldn't mind if they kept/put in both easy, and more challenging puzzles into Croft manor, it's a side thing to complete afterwards.

22nd Sep 2008, 10:44
I agree. Keep ALL of the training and tips, hints and tricks to the Manor gym.

That includes grappling, moving objects, jumping, swinging, climbing, shimmying, picking up objects, swimming, crawling et al. Have it so that the instructions are written on the screen and not spoken and make an assault course whereby Lara has to complete every move in there that appears in the game to get from one end to the other so we, the gamers, don't miss a move.

The first level of the game should be the start of our mission and not hindered by hints and instructions flashing up.

We should also be able to return to the Manor at any time to brush up on a few moves :thumbsup:

22nd Sep 2008, 11:14
I like the manor the way it is in Legend & Anniversary; a nice bonus level. I have no need for a tutorial so I don't care where it is located.

22nd Sep 2008, 13:52
Yeah that was kinda nice but I prefer the type of Croft Manor in Legend or Anniversary.....
The tutorials are still there but in the game and can be toogled off so its up to the player now.....
I just don't want the useless doors in the Manor and it should be even Bigger..... Bigger than all......

22nd Sep 2008, 14:06
I just don't want the useless doors in the Manor and it should be even Bigger..... Bigger than all......

You mean like the Beckham's home? ......

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=MUbVZf4Ifa8&NR=1 :D

22nd Sep 2008, 17:30
Yes, it should be bigger. And I want to open those doors that were locked in Anniversary (like the one to the left of the main door. I would also like to check the front of the Manor, so go through the main door without ending the game :)

(And I want a bigger gym :D )

26th Sep 2008, 16:45
It would be better if Lara would talk during the game saying : Omg I have to make it through these bloody Spikes AGAIN! or things like that ;P at least you wouldn't feel so lonely in the older games...

26th Sep 2008, 22:33
I would like her to teach us how to control her in her manor.. that would be helpful :D

29th Sep 2008, 00:16
I remember when in a locked door or in an object that wouldnt fit somewere lara was saying : NO. :P