View Full Version : The Dumahim's one long arm in SR1:

15th Jan 2014, 16:42
I was looking at the Dumahim in SR1 the other day and I noticed they had one arm longer than the other, all sort of bandaged up like a club or something.

I was wondering what it was, but when I remembered how Daniel mentioned the Dumahim were weapon specialists, I thought maybe it was the remains of a weapon they had grafted on to their arm. I know adult vampires are being worked on, so I was wondering it it would be too late at this point to give them a grafted-in weapon like that. It could even be customisable.


15th Jan 2014, 17:35
I´ll just insert image:

Yeah, appears as club yes.

15th Jan 2014, 17:55
Gotta love the high res models. :)

15th Jan 2014, 22:14
Really cool...i never noticed this :)