View Full Version : Doh! Set res to high, can anyone help

14th Sep 2008, 10:04
The game has worked fine for me, but i have set the screen resolution way to high and cannot start the game now to change it. Is there anyway i can change this outside of the game?

14th Sep 2008, 13:17
I think you can manually set it in one of the config files. I think they might be in the same folder as your savegames. You should be able to open it with notepad and change it that way.

15th Sep 2008, 21:46
I cant find the right file any where 8-(

18th Sep 2008, 07:06
It's really easy - go to the place on your hard drive where your imperial glory game data is saved, likely C:/program files/pyro stuidos/imperial glory, then find the file named config, open it with notepad or wordpad or whatever, change the resolution to whatever you want, then save and close it. Done. Now start your game, it should work.

This also works if you have a good computer and want to get a higher resolution than the max default of 1280.

19th Sep 2008, 21:56
Thanks mate, got it working