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13th Sep 2008, 22:40
What is your favorite outfit in all Tomb Raider games?
I prefer the "Legend, black" outfit in TR7! And even more when it is wet (more dark...) :cool:

13th Sep 2008, 22:41
Hmmm...classic, catsuits (RG!!!!!!), camouflage, Ducati outfits, and that Classic grey outfit is just so awesome! :D

14th Sep 2008, 00:14
definetly the catsuit!!!!!and the croft manor sport isn't bad....I find it quite sexy;)

14th Sep 2008, 00:25
catsuits (RG!!!!!!)

*score* :D

14th Sep 2008, 02:08
1. Classic.
2. Catsuit.
3. Legend (black).
4. Snowsuit.
5. TR:U main outfit.
6. Nevada outfit.
7. TR2 wetsuit.
8. Goth Lace.

14th Sep 2008, 02:46
biker and the catsuit :D

15th Sep 2008, 01:58
Catsuit ( TR3 London. Reminded me of Catwoman from Batman Returns..... without the mask. )
Legend ( Original )
Black Evening Dress ( in Legend )

it's not that I don't like the rest. She looks great in anything but these are my top favorites.

15th Sep 2008, 03:04
Legend(default and black)
Underworld(all we've seen so far)
And Classic I guess.

Aefion Bloodclaw
15th Sep 2008, 12:20
I love Lara's Legend default and black Legend outfits.

Edit: Oh yea and also what I've seen so far of Underworld, both the shorts and the pants.

15th Sep 2008, 13:06
i like the classic outfit(the most), ducati outfit, snowsuit, and maybe there are some more but these are the main outfit that i like :)

15th Sep 2008, 13:13
Wetsuit, Catsuit, anniversary, legend brown, and all outfits seen in TRU......

15th Sep 2008, 15:02
Whatever the game dresses Lara in as default. I have no favourite, I'm not into all the costume changing malarkey :rolleyes:

15th Sep 2008, 15:36
1. Biker
2. Legend (classic, black, union jack mod, I don't care)
3. Catsuit
4. Doppelganger........... just kidding :rasp: , the rest:D

19th Sep 2008, 17:43
Snowsuit and classic grey or pink for me

19th Sep 2008, 17:47
I would say that my favourite outfit would be legend black, because it reminds me of the outfit in the first TR movie in the opening sequence where she battles S.I.M.O.N

who wants a smiley?
:) :) :) :)

19th Sep 2008, 18:01
1. Legend - Union Jack
2. The black evening dress before it is ripped.

So please give me a Union Jack evening dress in the next one :D

Mr Croft
19th Sep 2008, 18:23
Legend Black, reminds me of Underworld.
Amanda Winter.
Tibet outfit.

19th Sep 2008, 18:47
Biker, no coat ; Catsuit ; Legend Black ; and the swimsuit in Underworld ;)

So please give me a Union Jack evening dress in the next one :D
like this???:

19th Sep 2008, 18:49
Biker no coat
Winter (pink, orange, winter)
Legend Black
Classic in Legend

Lady Croft: That is good pic :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: But I think it's not for Lara

19th Sep 2008, 19:04
Lady Croft: That is good pic :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: But I think it's not for Lara
Thanks :lol:
When I read Jurre's post I felt like I have to post this picture... :D

(and I almost forgot Classic, gray is one of my favourite outfits) ;)

19th Sep 2008, 20:52
TRU main outfit definitely, Legend (black), Biker (TRL), Sport (TRL), and Wetsuit (TRA)

20th Sep 2008, 12:02
like this???:

Yes, but let it reach to the knees please, this one is too slutty.

Is that Emma by the way? The Spice Girl?

20th Sep 2008, 12:06
Is that Emma by the way? The Spice Girl?
No, it's Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice).

20th Sep 2008, 12:10
Well...I was right about the spice thing at least...

21st Sep 2008, 08:21
Absolutely love the Legends Union Jack outfit... but it DOES seem a bit like a walking bullseye in some countries hehe. Maybe she should just wear it at home. :scratch: