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13th Jan 2014, 05:33
I had this thought regularly during my play experience this weekend. I have played games in late stages of beta that could not hold a candle to what I experienced playing Nosgoth these last couple days. The game is content-light at the moment, but what was there was golden, in almost every way imaginable.

I found that the atmosphere of the game really gripped me. It's obvious in my mind that the greatest focus up to this point in development has been on the detail of the maps, and on creating tension appropriately, because both of these aspects really carried a lot of weight and were a huge factor in how much I enjoyed my time so far, especially when playing as the Human side. Music would escalate right when it needed to, and the sound effects of the vampires as they maneuvered around the map, screams in the background... A number of times I really FELT the critical aspects I think the development team is trying to nail with this faction. A few brave souls banded together with the sort of courage that only comes from certainty of death, doing what they can to hold back a dark tide descending upon an already-doomed populous.

I wanted to point this out because in many games of this nature the 'good' faction often falls short of appealing, and coming into my playtime this weekend I expected to find the humans to be boring and stale, the part of the game you played when you weren't able to be a badass blood-sucking death machine. The vampires in Nosgoth are very much that, but the free humans of Nosgoth are much more than just prey in this era of the world, and it shows.

Beyond my desire to gush over the story and setting, there's plenty more praise to be given here considering the game's early stage of development. I never had a major glitch or bug effect my gameplay, except for one minor instance of getting stuck in the environment. I never had one crash, or any framerate sluggishness even after a couple solid hours of play.

I have read some complaints about the micro-transaction system, but when I look at the store as it is right now without bias against MT's as a whole what I see looks pretty fair. No item in the store seemed like it would take longer than 3-5 gameplay sessions to be able to unlock it for a week, and that's a really good rate when one considers how much there already is to buy. With that sort of leniency anyone who plays the game even casually should be able to fully outfit a a class for each faction, which is pretty much exactly what a non-paying player should expect to have; at best. The fact that many of the skills and items truly are 'side-grades' and that the base kits for the classes hold their own ground in a solid manner certainly goes a long way toward my opinion that the MT system for this game isn't much of a downside at all.

There's plenty to balance, it's still not a release-ready game by any rate... But it's got a lot more going for it than other games I've played who think they are. You guys are on the right track with this one. Some varied game modes, a couple more classes, regular additions to the armory and more maps on par with what we have now and I can see myself playing a LOT of this game in the future, and recommending it to my friends.

13th Jan 2014, 05:42
Well this just made my week. Thank you :)

14th Jan 2014, 08:59
Thanks for your feedback, Geminel!

15th Jan 2014, 09:22
Couldn't agree with you more Geminel. I'm glad you wrote it and not me. That would have been a lot of work. And I hate proper grammar.

15th Jan 2014, 14:36
In November when I started I expressed similar surprise at the fact this was considered alpha. the game is far too polished.

The only real alpha part about it is parts are missing or not fully functional, things like game modes, match making and voice.

15th Jan 2014, 15:08
I would also like to say a big thank you to the devs, been a great couple of months. Still enjoying myself.

15th Jan 2014, 16:55
My game playing plumetted due to actually doing school work now, but this really is great, and I can't wait to see many of the features fully implemented

15th Jan 2014, 17:35
I would also like to say a big thank you to the devs, been a great couple of months. Still enjoying myself.
+1, i agree

16th Jan 2014, 00:00
I'll add my two cents...and say that I completely agree. I've really enjoyed seeing a game series I enjoyed from ye-olde days and how you've guys have re-envisioned the style and visuals of the game. I usually never play these types of games either and I'm totally hooked!

Everyone there has done a wonderful job bringing this game to the modern times. Though i'm sad that there isn't some of the Single player content with it that was being developed by another company, I still enjoy this game as it is and I'll definitely be spending some money on micro transactions simply because of the time I've had and am happy to support the effort.

By the way, Flying at the walls in Sommerdamm and looking over the edge and beyond is cool as all get out. Smashing good job.

Be sure to support them for the time and effort that they've put into a fun game!

20th Jan 2014, 18:04
By the way, Flying at the walls in Sommerdamm and looking over the edge and beyond is cool as all get out. Smashing good job.
...and that map's not even finished yet! :-)