View Full Version : Thief 3 performance issue

12th Sep 2008, 15:40
This game tends to lag quite a lot on my computer, and I thought I'd be able to speed it up a bit by lowering the graphics settings. However, even if I put the resolution setting to its lowest degree, the game still lags. I've noticed that during gameplay, when I move the mouse around quickly (ie. looking at my surroundings), the game stops lagging (the resolution diminishes, but the performance increases). However, as soon as I stop moving the mouse and just walk around normally, the resolution shoots back up again and slows the game right down. I was wondering if there was a way to keep the resolution low constantly - I don't want to have to be constantly moving the mouse around everywhere throughout the game!

13th Sep 2008, 02:35
See the post in Deadly Shadows.

13th Sep 2008, 12:50
Please don't make duplicate threads. I closed this one.