View Full Version : Is there anyway to Get Rid of a Youtube video?

11th Sep 2008, 17:38
I saw the youtube video of Underworld that seemed fine a first, then there where crotch shot pictures of Allison popping up, and the pervert thinks it's fine....obviously because he's a pervert:rolleyes:

It bothers me and I want it taken down, what bothered me more is when he asked if he could have a picture of me....:eek:

Mr Croft
11th Sep 2008, 17:45
Really ??
What video is it? i think i could report that....:mad2:

11th Sep 2008, 17:46
flag it.

11th Sep 2008, 17:59
Really ??
What video is it? i think i could report that....:mad2:

Well here's the video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ8AAfvfzaI

@rexie, I did, but that doesn't mean it will get taken off, they'll just look over the video and see if it it inappropriate enough to take off.

Random question, but do you think Lara as a slut? I certainly don't, but someone did post a comment on another TRU video saying they do and that the creators are making a prequel of Lara's teen years where she's dressed as she is, going clubbing trying to steal other girls' bf's and acting like a slut.oh and that no one knows about the game yet:rolleyes:

11th Sep 2008, 18:12
that was really stupid!!(obviously not disgusting but u know..)however in utube there are so many porn videos that they cant remove such thing:(

11th Sep 2008, 18:14
I guess that's true, I think they should remove those kind of videos though.