View Full Version : Which Lara Croft you like and dislike and why???

11th Sep 2008, 10:45
Nothing against the models they all look stunning ;)

11th Sep 2008, 10:54
Dont ask me i love all of them:D :D :rasp:

11th Sep 2008, 12:57
All, but seems that in underworld , lara it's a little better, more realistic. (I like how she moves) :)

Darth Vader
11th Sep 2008, 13:07
I think that all of the models were ok accept the model for Chronicals (2000-2002) and maybe the first model but Underworld model looks the best so far:D

12th Sep 2008, 04:38
I never liked the TR:L version of Lara, due to the fact that her face looked too plastic, and had too much make-up on. Let alone how she pulls herself up onto ledges.

12th Sep 2008, 11:56




Lagoon Bug
12th Sep 2008, 19:36
I like the one in Underworld, especially how it looks in Rexie's signature above. I liked her in Legend but it was weird how the cover art looked all serious but in the game it's a bit cartoonish. Especially with the dining dress on, she looked like a Sims character.

12th Sep 2008, 21:44
Underworld is obviously the most realistic yet. I like her in TRL, but that was mostly because she was a bit different from the other games. I didn't care for her look in AOD, but her look did kinda go with the whole theme of the game...

13th Sep 2008, 00:02




:scratch: Her personality doesn't change.

I love the Underworld Lara, her moves are realistic and she looks realistic, but I also like Legend Lara. Anniversary Lara was good too I guess.

I kind of liked the AOD Lara's look, because it fit the game like LadyLaraCroft12 said, but otherwise I didn't like it.

And I didn't like the earlier ones at all.

John Akam
13th Sep 2008, 01:21
I LOVE the AOD Lara. Her eyes are very sexy and mysterious. And of course, the Underworld Lara is pretty too. Can't deny that fact.