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Lo Bruto
10th Sep 2008, 07:09
I was surfing the Wikia and just realized that we, DX fans, do not have a Wiki. (In fact there is one, started in 07/28/08, with just 27 articles, all made by the same hard working guy I think)

Imagine a complete DX encyclopedia, with information on everything in the DX universe.

Shame on me, I don't have the writing/editing prowess of you guys. :nut:
Anyway, let's help building the main source of DX information on the web (hopefully)

DX fans of all countries, unite!

10th Sep 2008, 18:20
i added a page for the pistol -


Lo Bruto
11th Sep 2008, 01:07

11th Sep 2008, 23:28
Woohoo! I started an article, but had to abandon it since my computer turns into a slow piece of crap whenever I try to create or edit an article.

11th Sep 2008, 23:49
Bioshock's pretty impressive (http://bioshock.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page).

Sean D
19th May 2009, 17:37
This deserves a little nercomancy. WHen it grows to a certain level, it could be used as a quick reference, without the need to ransack through your savegames to recall some plot details etc.

19th May 2009, 19:01
Why does this game get so much attention and love? Its really not that good...

19th May 2009, 19:27
Take away the shiny graphics and BioShock would receive literally none of the praise it currently enjoys

Sean D
19th May 2009, 19:29
No, u don't hijack this thread! SHODAN is getting angry on you, i-i-insects!

19th May 2009, 19:30
Resistance is futile. Take off every Zig

Sean D
19th May 2009, 19:33
All your zig implants belong to me, i-i-insect!

Tracer Tong
19th May 2009, 21:16
Move Zigx4

Tracer Tong
19th May 2009, 21:18
Also: "This Gray Death related article is a stub, help Wikia by expanding it!"

20th May 2009, 19:25
For great justice

hem dazon 90
20th May 2009, 22:53
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