View Full Version : I got TR comic #1 the manga one for 69 cents Baa hahahahahaha!

Lagoon Bug
10th Sep 2008, 03:55
I was at Barnes and Noble and I work there. I was just there shopping and I was looking at the comic. It's this one:


The barcode says $9.99 and I have an employee discount so I figured okay, 7 bucks. It rang up at 99 cents and with my discount 69 cents! The lead cashier figured it was a mistake but was okay with it.

So heads up, if you happen to be at Barnes and Noble look for it at the graphic novels section and see if you can get it for a buck.

It may have rung up at that price cause it's "due out" which means the store was supposed to either send it back to the publisher or rip the front cover off and ship it somewhere else. I dunno. It rang up as $9.99 on the PDT scanner. So does the ISBN number of volume 2. But I ordered volume 2 to be sent to the store anyways to see if I can get that for 99 cents too.

Well anyways, I wouldn't go there just to find out cause that would be a waste of gasoline. But if you happen to be at a Barnes and Noble, check it out. Remember it's the Tankobon one. It may be shelved with the manga comics.

10th Sep 2008, 05:56
Nice score, dude!

Alas, I have no Barnes & Noble near me. :( :D

28th Sep 2008, 12:42
i have that one and volume 2, um but I dont have discount so I had to pay like 20 something dollors

Lagoon Bug
28th Sep 2008, 19:07
I got volume 2 about a week ago and had to pay the regular price. With my discount came to $7, unfortunately not 69 cents. They probably fixed the price on volume 1 by now.