View Full Version : just wanted to say thanks!

9th Sep 2008, 12:23
I have been a HUGE DeusEx fan ever since the first game came out.
So much that my game-tag in the few select games I played online has included DeusEx or it's variation in it.
Just love it. I was extremely happy to find out that DeusEx: Invisible War was coming out. I played it. And I beat it. It was JUST what I needed! I loved the game play, the story lines, everything. I've replayed them again with different endings many times.
The 1st DeusEx was actually the 1st game I played online in multiplayer!

I just saw the update on Jeauxvideo for DeusEx 3, and I thought it was just a speculation. To my pleasant surprise, it wasn't! I am so happy now! And I can't wait for this game to come out! I wanted to thank Eidos for making a 3rd installment!

In the mean time, I have found only 2 other games to keep me busy Need For Speed ProStreet and soon Undercover, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Waiting for new Clear Sky installment right now.

In any case. I am extremely happy to see this. And I will be waiting and counting minutes for this to hit the stores!

I guess it's way early to ask for a release date yet, but yeah, right now I am way overexcited, should have a VERY good day today! :nut: