View Full Version : HUMANS Why cannot humans jump over walls ? // Impression of 3 days

12th Jan 2014, 12:47
Hello players and developer's,

my englisch not the best but i try it to explain my impressions.

i played now 3 Days and i must say....its a great game with potional.

but after this 3 days i have something to say.

Why cannot jump a Human over Walls ?...i mean walls not higher as 50 cm or so .

normally the can jump over it but in this game we must search a gate or somthing.

the thing is that my personal mind are the vampires to strong.

the Tyrant can jump over the half map and stun after the jump again = instant death of human.

Also the Hunter from the humans to weak for me ? i mean.." Bola " ...
you have " boled " a Vampire and he alway run away ..my Idea....so stun the vampire of the time from bola or something.

my next Question is why cannot humand restore Healt at byself like a Vampire ? i mean...it is only 25 % health.

so this was a first Impression of my 3 day of Gameplay.

I hope that my englisch is ok for you ;)

Kind regards Blackwachtstyle

12th Jan 2014, 14:18
Your english is good enough... :)

Humans don't have a rapid regeneration ability like vampires, and they have ranged attacks. Bola is already the most feared ability in the game. And as you get better you'll learn that humans are stronger by far. They are just less forgiving on a bad team. As for the climbing small boxes thing, it's been addressed, but the general feel is that it would make the already strong humans too strong.

13th Jan 2014, 01:51
Have you ever tried to jump over a wall in real life? It's pretty hard. People can't do the bouncing-around thing that traditional FPS characters are capable of (unless they're wearing jumping stilts), so I actually prefer just having a dive-roll.