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8th Sep 2008, 02:54

Do you know any of the original team or are any of these guys working on the new Deus Ex game? Also, are any of those t-shirts still available. Just wondering.

10th Sep 2008, 18:46
I don't think any of them are working on DX3. They've scattered to the four corners of the globe (though there's a heavy concentration of ex-Deus Ex devs at Junction Point).

In case anybody's curious:

TOP ROW, left to right:

Monte Martinez (designer). Working at Junction Point Studios with Warren Spector.

Clay Hoffman (artist/designer). Also working at Junction Point Studios.

Marshall Andrews (designer/tester). Whereabouts unknown.

Russ Hughes (artist). Whereabouts unknown.

Peter Marquardt (associate producer/Moco). Currently at Red Fly Studio.

Ricardo Bare (designer). Currently (?) at Midway Austin.

MIDDLE ROW, left to right:

Steve Powers (senior designer). Working at Junction Point Studios.

Albert Yarusso (UI/convo programmer). Webmaster of AtariAge (www.atariage.com).

Hugh Suh (artist/animation). Whereabouts unknown.

Chad Warren (IT guru). Whereabouts unknown.

Bob White (senior designer). Left the game industry, last reported at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Terry Manderfeld (senior artist). Working at Sony (SCEA) (I think).

Scott Martin (AI/UI programmer). Left the game industry.

BOTTOM ROW, left to right:

Chris Norden (lead programmer). Working at Sony (SCEA).

Harvey Smith (lead designer). Working at Arkane Studios in Austin.

Rob Kovach (artist). Working at Junction Point Studios.

Nghia Lam (skin artist). Whereabouts unknown.

Jay Lee (lead artist). Working at NCSoft.

Sheldon Pacotti (writer). Working at Junction Point Studios.


Warren Spector (producer). Head honcho at Junction Point Studios.

Alexander Brandon (music). Working at Obsidian on Alpha Protocol (which looks promising).

So it's highly unlikely that anyone from the original DX team is working on DX3...

10th Sep 2008, 21:49
After all what I heard is that one of the ideas had been to get a whole new team up and kicking for the next installment to get some fresh air and a break from the last break ( in terms of breaking Deus-Ex with DX:ID :D )

10th Sep 2008, 23:29

How in the hell did you know all of that? :scratch:

So was it Sheldon Pacotti that basically wrote the whole script for Deus Ex including all of the conspiracies and philosophical ramblings? If so, he did an excellent job.

Of course, I also think that Alexander Brandon (not pictured) did an excellent job with the music.

Here's hoping that the DX3 team is as gifted as the original.

11th Sep 2008, 06:53
How did he know? Easy, he's a creepy stalker. He knows where you live, too. ;)

11th Sep 2008, 10:16
New! Ion Storm (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=79994) (unless the moderators want to relocate this thread).

11th Sep 2008, 10:38
It's OK. I will leave the thread here as I think people want to know if any of these people are involved in DX3.

11th Sep 2008, 19:21

How in the hell did you know all of that? :scratch:


It's amazing what you can find out by browsing Google, Mobygames and junctionpoint.com. :D