View Full Version : Is it possible...

7th Sep 2008, 02:44
to play the game as a thief/assassin? Basically killing everyone you come across? Like, in "Oblivion" it's not possible to kill npc's who are mission-essential. I'm just curious how things would play out if I put an arrow in everyone I come across?

7th Sep 2008, 02:50
Unless restricted by the "Level" of difficulty, you can kill anybody or thing you can put an arrow into. I don't suggest you do, but if "Kill everything that moves" is what grabs you go ahead.

You won't be playing THIEF, but it's your game.

7th Sep 2008, 16:36
Good point. I was just curious. I like to take different approaches in a game, have one save where I do everything the "correct" way, and then another where I basically just experiment and see what happens.

8th Sep 2008, 09:09
Here is a file of some "experiments" that you might find interesting. They deal with the first games, not T3, but you'll get some ideas from it.


It's a download file some 300 plus pages, hopefully with photos. So DL it and stash it someplace for viewing at your liesure. You'll not regret it. There are things in there that no sane person would even try. But then use "taffers" are not sane.

9th Sep 2008, 23:17
Ok, thanks. I gave it a quick once-over and will peruse it more deeply this weekend!