View Full Version : Make more money?

3rd Sep 2008, 21:33
Im a bit of an art freak. Well a bit more than a bit to be honest :D

I was reading through my latest digital art mag, and came across a link to a Doctor Who art link.


This site sells concept art from the series - at quite a price too as you can see. The thing thats different about this site is the fact it is the artist himself selling his own work.(He purchased the licence to do so)

So I was wondering if an idea like this, in some form or other, could make more money for studios. Of course limited edition numbers and presentation would be key - and I have no idea as to pricing.

It just seems a big shame to me that great art - concept art - should have such a short pratical life and end up forgotten in the bottom of a draw somewhere.

A game like DX3, because of its 'early' heretige might do well with this maybe? Not to mention a small independant development studio, strapped for cash.Perhaps something to think about for the collectors edition...