View Full Version : Do you think a DX3 multiplayer could re-ignite the old clans?

3rd Sep 2008, 15:17

3rd Sep 2008, 18:38
I'm not sure about this. Usually when clans dissolve/shut down, they stay that way. Some clans move into other games to stay alive, and slowly drop support for the original game as activity for it decreases. But if DX3 has a strong multiplayer, then it could encourage larger existing clans to start supporting it.

For instance, I'm a member of the Knights of Freedom (www.knightsclan.org) clan, which started in 2005 for Halo PC and now covers Halo PC, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, and Call of Duty 4. We're largely done with Halo PC; very few members play it anymore. However, a significant number of our members were huge fans of DX 1, and there is a definite possibility that we will support DX3 when it's released. (we're almost to the 3 year mark, so what is a few more? :D ).

If some of the bigger FPS clans like Tactical Gamers, Doorman is God, KoF, etc, throw their support behind DX3's multiplayer, then some clans that used to play DX 1 would be certainly drawn back to it, and inevitably smaller clans would spring up around it. A strong Single Player would be the primary selling point and initial interest point, and would keep the game interesting, but a strong multiplayer community would draw more attention to DX3 overall.