View Full Version : Play never played levels before.

1st Sep 2008, 14:32
visit this site.

you can download the levels, i think they are just level editers. but they seem real good, i didn't download becoz my dad would go crazy and i don't know how big a file they are and if i should play them...

Mr Croft
1st Sep 2008, 14:44
Yeah you should play TRLE custom levels.
I have three right now.
But if you dont know how much space is the download check this site: http://www.skribblerz.com/index.html

They tell how much space the file ocupies and they are safe downloads.

1st Sep 2008, 16:26
The level sets can be from as little as a few megabytes up to a few hundred megabytes. I've got just over 50 of the downloads from TRLE.net on my external hard drive and almost every-single one of them is pure old-skool gold.

But you can't just download them and play them (as I told Mr Croft before ;)).

Mr Croft
1st Sep 2008, 16:56
But you can't just download them and play them (as I told Mr Croft before ;)).

Yeah,I thank you very much, again.

1st Sep 2008, 17:07
If I can recommend a few titles available at TRLE.net...

Himalayan Mysteries
Coyote Creek
Jungle Ruins (1, 2 & 3)
Tomb Raider Unfinished Business Revised (if you've not played the original Unfinished business)
TRSearch HQ (not played this myself because it's got that awful Senet game from Last Revelation in it, but I've heard good things)

Mr Croft
1st Sep 2008, 17:37
TR Search Hq is very good.