View Full Version : Several Fixes i've found

1st Sep 2008, 13:14
Now that I've solved all my problems and this game runs perfectly, i dont think ill post here anymore... but heres the fixes i was able to figure out before i could get it that way...

If the game wont complete installation because xlive.dll isn't found, try to install live redistrubitable by exploring the files on the disc and finding xliveredist....if this doesnt work you can reinstall your os.

If the mouse jumps around to random sides of the screen, go to control panel and search device manager... then in device manager, disable all HID devices but your mouse.

If the other characters' voices keep breaking off after no more than the first syllable in-game, try installing the most recent driver for your audio card.

Any other problems, stop complaining and figure it out yourselves because its probably not the game its your computer.

6th Sep 2008, 20:08
yeah it must be my computer that runs smooth as silk with every other application/game apart from when kane and lynch randomly reboots my pc.

and all the other people that have been here complaining and now moved on after being ripped off by eidos that have crap computers.

i dont think you have the authority to post such rubbish.

i know when something doesnt work!

14th Sep 2008, 07:50
and I will show you how bad the game can be. If we can get a four player match going, because most people have given up on this game, you will watch horrible lag, bland environments, and overall bad pop-in and glide that will make you wonder who optimized this net code.

Then, the inevitable will happen, and the game will disconnect everyone. If you doubt me, find me with my gamertag, mclazyj. I will show you how bad this **** can be.