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2nd Aug 2012, 07:55
I like how you can play as both Sora and Riku and I also like how you can train and take care of your spirits.
What do you like about KH3D?

2nd Aug 2012, 08:28
My copy is supposed to come in the mail today and when it does, I'll play it like no tomorrow and most likely get through the game in only a few days. So I'm not spoiling myself on the game just yet from videos online which there are plenty out there right now.

2nd Aug 2012, 08:40
Haha there are but the games pretty fun from what I've played so far ^_^

2nd Aug 2012, 10:02
Well I know for a fact that when I play it, I won't stop until I get as far as I possibly can and most likely complete the main story line. I did that when I had Birth By Sleep with Terra in only a half of a day. Aqua and Ventus took a little bit less time as well. So my gameplay style is very concentrated.

2nd Aug 2012, 10:40
Wow that's good. I don't know how long it will take me to get through this one, though I tend to take a while so I can travel around and see the scenery :P

2nd Aug 2012, 12:42
I know that I'm going to take a while on this one because I wanna get the secret ending. :))

2nd Aug 2012, 14:30
Thts another reason why I wanna take my time too :P

2nd Aug 2012, 14:51
I like it because it's faster than the others KH games and The World Ends With You characters and how you can switch between Sora and Riku storys.

2nd Aug 2012, 14:56
I think the TWEWY characters fit well into the game and now I wanna play TWEWY lolz

2nd Aug 2012, 14:57
I didn't think I was going to like the flow motion combat, but now it is one of my favorite additions. Also, I love the inclusion of The World Ends with You characters since that is one of my all-time favorite games.

2nd Aug 2012, 15:04
Through I think I'm going to Finsh this game fast through, if you give me speed in a game I use that and when I do I usaully finsh a game within two months when they give me speed.

I mean it if you ever seen me play a raceing game or a fighting character that fast I just finsh it speed is my game.

2nd Aug 2012, 15:07
Nice lol

3rd Aug 2012, 01:05
Basically the story. I was so happy when they revealed we'd be able to play from Riku's POV once again, so getting more insight on his character and what his role will be in the over-all story is mighty interesting.

Though the gameplay is pretty fun, but I'll admit I'm not grasping it 100%. I'm still confused about some things, and I know I haven't explored as much as I should have :/

I thought I wouldn't like the Dream Eater care part, but they're quite fun. Reminds me of the good 'ol tomagachi phase, lol. It's so easy to get sucked into caring for them @_@

3rd Aug 2012, 06:47
I agree about the Dream Eaters lol. They are fun to take care of. I thought I wasn't going to like that feature but when the game came out, I played it and liked it. I also like playing from Riku's POV too because you can get a better feel of what he's going through, and it's also a fun change instead of just playing as Sora.

3rd Aug 2012, 07:01
I like the gameplay. The story is kinda all over, and it's a hassle to learn abilities and take care of the Spirits. Riku is awesome but Sora seems kinda lost and pathetic than he was when this all start 10 years ago.

3rd Aug 2012, 09:21
Heya El! Yeah I somewhat agree because I like playing as Riku because he's more off a believeable character than Sora. Sora always sees the good side of things, and never really struggles with anything whereas Riku has had his struggles and is trying to overcome them. He's more realistic than Sora, but Sora's cool in his own way too lol

7th Aug 2012, 16:37
I liked it back when it was just dream, and i liked that better when it was called INCEPTION. Was rather disappointed by how shamelessly they used (spoilers*timetravel) as a plot point. (So sad)

7th Aug 2012, 19:11
I appreciate that they went back to the basic leveling system rather than the grids and charts they used in the DS titles. They were fun but I kept finding myself more focused on balancing my stats at the end rather than enjoying the combat system. The Dream Eaters make for a nice refreshing game style, almost reminds me of the Monster Crystal system in FFXIII-2 (which by the way I thought I would despise until I started playing and got hooked...). I'm not too far in, so I'm still praying I don't run into another rendition of Wonderland or Agrahbah.

7th Aug 2012, 19:53
I loved the ending with a certain someone for those who have beat the game. So sweet! :3

8th Aug 2012, 07:33
I like how you can play as both Sora and Riku and I also like how you can train and take care of your spirits.
What do you like about KH3D?

I guess in reality, there's a LOT I like about this game:

It has everyone in the Kingdom Hearts universe in 1 game, (granted some just show up for flashbacks or pictures.)

Sora and Riku are playable characters.

It makes Sora and Riku Keyblade Masters, so there won't be a need for trolls to say that other characters are stronger than Sora just because he wasn't a Keyblade Master. (No one gets it more than me, Riku's my favorite guy; but the protagonist of this series is Sora.)

The new worlds are interesting.

The World Ends With You characters are interesting, especially for me because this is my introduction to these characters.

It's in 3D, which really does make you admire the work that has been put into the game with it's amazing art. (Which SE took their time to make sure the picture wasn't fuzzy at all... For me at least, I have heard people say it looks funny but honestly, it has never appeared fuzzy to me.)

Drop and Drive features make the game in my opinion more fun. (I know some people do not like the Drop feature, but honestly it helps me keep my guys at even levels, so when I beat Riku's story I don't have to start over from level 1 with Sora. Plus people said it hurts this game because of no Drop removal for bosses, but I like the added difficulty. Dive is, in my opinion, hands down a funner experience than the Gummy Ship. I like the gummy ship, but Dive is just better, especially in 3D.

This game gives me hope for the future of SE, because it's the only game I have bought from them in the past however many years that didn't make me regret paying full price. (In fact I got the Mark Of Mastery edition, and it's awesome! Also, before anyone says anything, I know it isn't talking about the game itself, but it is something I did like about the game.)

With that being said, I would like to give a list of some of the things I hope they will incorperate into KH3:

I want Donald and Goofy back, their supposed to be Sora's best friends I could see being on par with the friendship he has with Riku, and without the romantic feelings Kairi. That being said, we should see a stronger bond with Riku and King Mickey.

I want the protagonist of the world you visit to once again be able to be a part of your party. (Like Aladin, Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington, ect.)

I want World specific costumes back.

These are my only complaints honestly.

9th Aug 2012, 12:19
The game really surprised me because I thought the graphics wouldn't be that great like recoded but they turned out being really good. And the combat is super fun. I also like how easy it is to get the secret ending. (need 4 more trophies)

But I was hoping Simple and Clean would be in the introduction.

And I wanted Halloween Town to be a world.

9th Aug 2012, 17:38
I know. I wish they would've kept an older theme lol

9th Aug 2012, 18:42

9th Aug 2012, 18:46
Heya El! Yeah I somewhat agree because I like playing as Riku because he's more off a believeable character than Sora. Sora always sees the good side of things, and never really struggles with anything whereas Riku has had his struggles and is trying to overcome them. He's more realistic than Sora, but Sora's cool in his own way too lol

hmmm he sounds like me...

21st Aug 2012, 20:55
What I liked about KH3D is that it always kept me on my toes no matter how bad it got in battles some of them I thought I was actually gonna not be able to finish the game b/c of how hard they were at first. Riku is the more believable character but Sora has a lot more to shoulder than most people think. He has a lot going on inside that no one can possibly manage on their own. That's what I like about the game in general and Sora and Riku.

23rd Aug 2012, 08:09
That's a true point. Sora does have a lot going on. But another thing I liked was the flowmotion! It was cool.

27th Aug 2012, 22:13
Yes it was. Flowmotion is awesome. I loved that aspect of the game because I could wipe out multitudes of enemies in just one blow.

3rd Sep 2012, 20:47
Yeah it was so cool! The gameplay looks so good in 3D too!

4th Sep 2012, 00:30
I love KH 3D but everyone else has pretty much covered what I love about it. The 3D for this game made me really happy. Before this game I couldn't stand the 3D [headache :(] but KH 3D made me love it to the point where I can't play the game without it. I never really noticed the difference that 3D made before but it actually does make a pretty big one. If only the 3D worked as good in every game...

5th Sep 2012, 08:16
The 3D aspect does change the game a lot. And if you look closely at the games that get played in 3D, you'll notice that the colors do vary when it's off and when it's on. I've been studying that on my 3DS ever since I got it.

5th Sep 2012, 09:25
I never noticed that. How do the colors change? Do they get lighter or darker or do they change to an entirely different color? (I'm interested because I want to be a programer some day, probably on video games)

5th Sep 2012, 13:27
I didn't really notice that but it sounds cook

5th Sep 2012, 13:28
*cool lol xP

6th Sep 2012, 12:28
Well the 3D makes the colors more vibrant and realistic as with it turned off and then it gets a sort of brownish overtone but it's not that noticeable b/c it's very light. My game is set in a power saving mode to conserve battery life for the longest so that's also another factor that could see a difference.

6th Sep 2012, 20:57
Interesting. Mine is in power save mode too all the time though. I think I'm just unobservant. :b I'll have to see next time if I can notice it.

8th Sep 2012, 10:57
Yeah I noticed that when you don't have power saving mode on its brighter.

12th Sep 2012, 23:21
The World Ends with You characters are in it and The Grid.