View Full Version : Thief 1 and 2 no longer work properly

27th Aug 2008, 02:59
Hello taffers,

After some time I decided to play Thief 2 again. However, it will just crash when I try to start a new game. The first Thief title does this as well. DS works fine. This is the same install from earlier this year and it worked fine then. All I had to to was set affinity to 1 core. That doesn't seem to work anymore though. The only real difference with my pc is service pack 3 and updated video drivers. Errr and maybe a new sound card. I don't know if I had it when I was playing before or not. It is a Razer Barracuda AC-1.

Wondering if service pack 3 messes with the game as it has screwed up one other game for me (cossacks 2). Anybody playing with sp3 installed on XP? I figure I should try reinstalling the game and see how that goes. I don't suppose this forum is active enough to get an answer before I reinstall so eh.

Oh yeah really odd thing. I still have an old save in Thief Gold. Loading that save actually works. Trying to start a new game just crashes though, everytime. Wtf is this about?