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26th Aug 2008, 12:12
I actully would like to see the ability to move around upgrade canisters to and from the various mod slots on the Character.

You know, like if you have 1 upgrade canister in "Run silent" and 3 in "Remote Spy Drone" you can move the 1 upgrade canister to "Remote Spy Drone" and max it out.

It will bring a never before seen mod slot function to the game :D

26th Aug 2008, 12:21

26th Aug 2008, 12:27
Don't hold back man, tell me how you really feel! :rasp:

26th Aug 2008, 12:32
Shifting canisters would be as mch of a cop-out as shifting augs themselves. It removes the importance of choice.

26th Aug 2008, 12:43
No tempering with augmentation should be allowed. If you choose to install a certain aug you should not be allowed to change your mind later and install a different one in the same slot. Once you choose it you are stuck with it for the rest of the game. Depending on the aug chosen player could achieve different things and get to different places (Jump higher - get to a secret place on the roof, walk quiet and lightly - you can get across a frail bridge that would otherwise collapse, etc.). This would bring a true value to a replayability. And the same goes for upgrades. I would also introduce a highest level of upgrade not to be available by simply installing another canister but but reaching a certain level of skill points for that particular aug.

26th Aug 2008, 12:43
Shifting canisters would be as mch of a cop-out as shifting augs themselves. It removes the importance of choice.

And it doesn't make sense...

26th Aug 2008, 13:06
Foxberg makes a really good point, and I guess when you really look at how the game could be changed by simply going back to a previous save game and changing an aug, makes alot more sense to keep it un-swapable

26th Aug 2008, 13:09
I'm glad you have seen the error of your ways.

27th Aug 2008, 04:43
Deus Ex is a game about making difficult and game altering choices. Your character is often put into situations where he/she needs to make a choice that may not be the easiest to make. The installation of augs and the subsequent upgrading thereof should be a permanent choice when developing your character IMO. But it is always good to get other ideas into the mix TarsasTexan.

27th Aug 2008, 06:13
Probably a bad idea, biomods should be customised to the players style of combat, on-the-spot upgradeing would allow players to shift their combat style greatly (eg: from silent running to hideing and spamming drones).

If you could only do it at a cost it would be feasible, but the previous DX's you couldn't, so why change a working formula?

27th Aug 2008, 15:04
Yeah, Deus Ex is a single player RPG. There should be major choices you have to make throughout the game. And these choices should be irreversable. Its not like your playing against someone else and a slight mistake will cost you the game so who cares if you make a mistake. Roll with, try to turn your disadvantage into an advantage. This way, everyone has their own unique experience with the game. It is immersive and greatly adds to the replayability of the game.

28th Aug 2008, 22:53
Don't hold back man, tell me how you really feel! :rasp:


... and it would be 'no' (thank you) from me too. :p

28th Aug 2008, 23:31

Don't hold back man, tell me how you really feel! :rasp:Don't be surprised, on this forum it's the traditional answer which indicates a strong disagreement. :D We've all posted that somewhere. :whistle:

Anyway the ability to shift canisters is an interesting point but I'm against it.

29th Aug 2008, 04:03
It would really detract from the re-playability aspect of the game. Choices should be permanent so as to urge you to play the game again in order to try out a different augmentation scheme.

3rd Sep 2008, 01:13
Related to this topic... :)

"To contribute to the idea of character differentiation, there are limits set to the amount and the form of skill and augmentation upgrades. At no point in the game do sufficient skill points exist to become advanced in, much less master, all of the available skills. Also, once a skill is selected and play has started, the alteration is permanent. If all of a player's points are spent on demolitions and he suddenly finds himself out of explosives, the demolition skill cannot be traded off. Augmentations are limited in their number and in their compatibility with each other. A player may choose to enhance either the combat responsiveness of his arms or he may choose to enhance their overall brute force, but not both. And any subsequent upgrades to his arms will only enhance the augmentation that's installed.

A player must make committed choices about the kind of character he wants to play and make efficient use of the enhancements he has chosen. There are no right or wrong skills. There are no obstacles limited to a single solution (or even as few as two). A player who narrowly specializes his skills should be equally as challenged as someone who spreads his skills broadly. Any player who is willing to commit to a character and to explore should have a rewarding game experience."

Deus Ex, An Immersive Simulation Spy Thriller: Salient Features of Deus Ex, Chad Warren.