View Full Version : Lab Bench texture

26th Aug 2008, 04:13
I was messing around with my paint shop pro and thought about Deus Ex 3 and decided to do a lab bench texture. Since I work in the biotech field I thought of showing you a messy lab bench, which is how it always is :)


26th Aug 2008, 05:17
Neat image. Now make it photo-realistic, generate DOT3 normal maps and Specular maps, and render it onto the surface of a lab bench model. :)

27th Aug 2008, 23:30
I did that but gMAX won't let me render to show you (I get a black screen) and I don't feel like spending $3500 on 3dsmax.

28th Aug 2008, 01:10
I've got something like that. Send me the bitmap, bump/normal map and specular map and I'll render them and get you a screenshot. :)

512x512 for each image if you can.

28th Aug 2008, 23:58
Ok I managed to get this addon renderer to work and I have an image of an incubator. Nothing flashy just a box really.


Now I made a small scene.