View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Bug:Name changing while in lobby chat

11th Jan 2014, 01:10
Hey guys,

Ive been having some weird things going on while in lobby chat. First and foremost is I had no name tag while chatting. I'm not too sure if I had placed a command to do this but while I was typing in regards to finally being able to play the game I saw a message stating that I had changed my name to. i.e. jvielma89 changed name to 'blank'. Not knowing if i had typed something to trigger it but yes it happened. Not only that but it kept on going as if i were constantly doing so but at that point i was not typing anything.

Second thing which isn't as big is I'm not able to see that player tag names that join in the chat window but I will see when they leave. Any questions please don't hesitate to get back with me. But all in all i have enjoyed the game for the first match! Definitely better with the vampires over humans!

26th Jan 2014, 19:50
Bump, I've had this issue as well.