View Full Version : Strange error when installing

24th Aug 2008, 09:45
I've just bought Just Cause with a gaming magazine, and when I tried to install, it worked normally until it reached "Pc2" file. It displayed this error:

File: E:\Data3.cab
Error: Data error (Cyclical redundancy control)
Check the readme file on the DVD for further informations.

(I translated from italian, I may have made some mistakes)

Does that mean that the DVD is damaged? There isn' t even a scratch, I tried to clean it using a cloth, but it still displays the error. Please help!

24th Aug 2008, 12:33
possibly make an ISO of the DVD if you know how and see if it works that way. If you don't, download power ISO, 30 day trial and it lets you make ISOs. cyclic redundancy just meant something wasn't reading right off your dvd (from my experience). Also, see if the gaming mag that you got it from might possibly give you a digital copy. Tell em your dvd doesn't work right and would like another copy or something like that.