View Full Version : A Really silly question... :$

24th Aug 2008, 03:00
Hello all,

Can someone give me a linky to a tutrorial of DroomEd?


Thanks.. :whistle:

Edit: I Found thief circle and TTLG had tutorials.. But i need some tutorials with picture showing...

Also i got a problem, when ever i go and type the command "Add_Family rescore"

The only default texture (Jorge.. Heh) And the sky textures appear only..

Also tried portaliazing (Heh, what ever it was called lol...) dint worked.. Dint saw any texture while i pressed "Alt+T"

Just put on brush and etc etc..

And only sky and the one and only.. Jorge :D

Well i need serious help, any tutorial with pictures?

Thanks again :p

Vlad Midnight
28th Aug 2008, 04:13
Thats because there is no family rescore
Try Rescor_1 or rescor_2 instead.

Goto The /Res folder inside your main thief2 folder (thief2/res) and open fam.crf with a zip program. All the folders inside are available names you can add.
As for a picture tutorial I dont think there is one. The pictureless one at keepofmetalandgold.com is probably the best one.